with photos that
match your memories

When you open up your wedding gallery I want you to feel like you are reliving the best day ever!
From the first look to the first dance, from the excited butterflies to the celebratory toasts, and everything,
and I mean everything in between. 

There's about a million reasons why I love what I do. 

The main reason is YOU! All my lovely clients, you all are the reason I wake up with my heart bursting with love every morning. My favorite part of a wedding day is that warm fuzzy feeling I get knowing I'm playing a little part in such a memorable and important day in your life. It's in the little moments; like helping a bride get into her dress, holding onto the rings, and even handing your mom a tissue to dry her happy tears. Those moments are special and I never take them for granted. I'm thankful I get to be a part of the family for a day. 

why i love weddings

Your special day will be filled with tons of love and smiles. Let's make sure every amazing moment from your day is turned into a lasting memory. 

Whether you're just browsing before you start to plan or you're ready to find the best photographer for you, all of the information you need can be found here.

Explore the galleries to get a sense of my style and fall in love with the moments, next meet me, Natalie, to put a face to a name, then learn more about the amazing experience I offer to my clients, and finally it'll be time to make us official!

You deserve a photographer that will have your back during your wedding day,
You can count on me!

"I think the most important thing is how the photographer engages with you, and how they make you feel in front of the camera. You really made me feel confident and beautiful. "

-Tabitha S.

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Natalie Nichole Photography is excited to celebrate all people; from every race, religion, non-religion, gender and sexual orientation.
Discrimination will not be tolerated.