Natalie Nichole Derks

–but most of my friends call me Nat
And since we’re friends now...

I care so deeply for people right from the start. Meeting people and making them feel good about themselves makes my heart so happy.
I’m a Virgo (yes, I believe in all the zodiac sh*t, September 10th baby!) and an enneagram type 1, sooooo I’m basically a self-motivated perfectionist that always has a plan (and a backup just incase).

The main things to know about me-  

Hi I’m Natalie!

Things I LOVE-

My cats, Patch & Mozzie. Watching HIMYM, Jane the Virgin, and Friends. Smelling Bath and Body Works candles, taking bubble baths, eating candy, and weddings -I’m not just saying that, I freaking LOVE WEDDINGS and just love in general. I will for sure tear up during your vows; happens every.single.time.

I’m a sunflower state native, home grown in the Kansas City metro. I fell in love with photography as an art form but over the years I truly fell in love with all the people I get to meet. At the end of the day, I know how to take a good photograph; but for me, it’s all about connecting with others.

My editing style

Styles and fads come and go but your love is timeless. I believe your images should be a reflection of you, in true color. I edit in a way that enhances the natural colors. You’ll LIVE YOUR BRIGHTEST and I’ll be by your side snapping gorgeous photos that will match your memories. 


Working with me will be 

Legen-waitforit-Dary! LEGENDARY!