Victoria and Nick met with me at the Nelson Atkins Museum for their Fall engagement session. The day was AMAZING. Although it was cloudy, the Fall colors were in full swing. It couldn’t have been prettier. They brought their dog, Belle, and a couple of their favorite books to read. And we used the books as props at the end of their session, as well as popping some champagne to celebrate this new season of life. Something that is important to me as a Kansas City Photographer is including personal elements in all my engagement sessions. I love for them to walk away with a gallery full of images that represent them & their authentic lives.

We were able to get in two outfits for their engagement session at the museum. First one really complimented all the Fall colors. Pulling golden and earth tones from the beautiful backdrop. And the second one was an all black outfit, one of my favs for couples shoots! And Victoria’s sweater had a little embroidery detail on the elbows which was such a pretty touch!

The Nelson Atkins area is great all year for sessions. It’s one of the statement places in Kansas City, and one of my favorite places to bring my clients.

I can’t wait for Victoria and Nick to celebrate their wedding! And felt so lucky to get this session in for them before winter!

engaged couple standing outside the nelson atkins museum in fall colored clothing
couple playing in the fallen leaves outside of museum by Kansas City photographer
couple with dog during engagement session on the grass on cloudy day in front of nelson atkins
man and woman holding hands and laughing by Natalie Nichole photos
couple walking dog on path during engagement session by Kansas City photographer
woman laying her head on mans shoulder wearing orange jacket at nelson atkins
woman showing off diamond engagement ring with halo by Kansas City photographer
woman and man embracing in park for Kansas City photo shoot
couple popping bottle of champagne under fall trees by Natalie Nichole photos
engaged couple wearing all black outfit for session with Natalie Nichole Photos
newly engaged couple reading on a blanket in the grass outside the Nelson Atkins museum
man and woman holding up their favorite books sitting in front museum by Kansas City photographer

Nelson Atkins | Kansas City Photographer

The minute I met Alyson and Caleb we clicked. I was so lucky to get their inquiry for their engagement session! We had the session at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center and then ventured to the top of a parking garage for the view of the city!

They are a fun loving and adventurous couple! Caleb actually proposed to Alyson while they were on a trip to Alaska. They took a helicopter tour and her proposed to her when they landed in a winter wonderland. Literally magical!

They are currently planning their intimate elopement in a gorgeous forest in Maine! During their engagement session at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center, we talked about all the little details they were planning for their elopement! It was like chatting with old friends, I felt right at home!

Congrats again to Alyson and Caleb! Thanks for spending the evening adventuring in beautiful places with me 🙂

Kauffman Performing Arts Center engagement session with couple wearing dress and dress shirt
walking outside of center on a sunny day wearing white heals and white dress by Natalie Nichole Photos
newly engaged couple showing off new diamond engagement ring with Kansas City engagement photographer
Kauffman Performing Arts Center with woman wearing brimmed hat and white heals
dreamy engagement session on a sunny day in Kansas City by engagement photographer
couple sitting on the steps looking at engagement ring in Kansas City by Natalie Nichole Photos
Kauffman Performing Arts Center steps with engaged couple and new diamond ring
dancing outside in Kansas City with engaged man and woman on a cloudy day
overlooking the skyline of Kansas City during engagement session
casual clothing engagement session outside of Kauffman Performing Arts Center
running on the sideways while holding hands wearing jeans with fiance by Natalie Nichole Photos
couple sitting on rooftop of parking garage and then piggy back rides with engaged couple
couple laying on the floor of parking garage during Kauffman Performing Arts Center engagement session

Kauffman Performing Arts Center | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

If you’re wondering if you can include your beloved pup in your photo shoot, the short answer is YES. (In fact I LOVE it!!!) If you’re wondering some logistics about engagement photos with dogs though…

Here’s some fun tips on how to get engagement photos with dogs involved!

1. Have a friend to help! They can entertain the dog while you get photos of just the two of you!

2. Bring plenty of treats and a toy – this will help get the dogs attention in front of the camera and gives them a nice reward for being a good boy.

3. Don’t stress! Animals will be themselves and do their own thing so just enjoy the moment and interact with you pet like you would at home! Showing off their personality will leave you with photos you will cherish even more!

I spent the evening with Logan, Drew and their dog Blu at Shawnee Mission Park! Dogs always add to the fun in engagement sessions and Blu didn’t disappoint! We tried to grab as many candid moments with mom and dad interacting with Blu because of how nice it is to have natural photos with your pup! I’d love to have you guys feel like you were at home on the floor playing with your dog instead of just posing for 30 minutes to get the “perfect” photo. I think the perfect photos are the ones that feel real and natural! That’s what I hope for getting engagement photos with dogs involved!

We grabbed a few photos of Logan and Drew at the end of the session for their save the dates!

Thanks so much to all three of them for being such great company! I loved everything about this night!

engagement photos with dogs at Shawnee Mission Park during fall
engagement photos with dogs wearing bandana collar walking through a field
walking with dog during engagement session wearing long dress and dress clothes
sitting in field during engagement session with dog wearing bandana collar
wearing a floral dress dancing in a field during engagement session with dogs
white long dress and floral shirt during engagement session at Kansas City park
walking towards pond during engagement session with dogs wearing dress and dress clothes
showing off engagement ring during engagement session with dogs at Kansas City park
holding hands near lake in Kansas City with engagement photographer
intimate moment standing in path wearing white long dress
walking path during engagement session with dogs near pond wearing floral dress shirt

Engagement Photos with Dogs | Kansas City Photographer

Even if you just elope you still deserve photos of you and your partner at this stage of life. Dress it up or keep it casual- do something that feels like YOU. Maica and Alfred did just that! They wanted spring wedding portraits the day after eloping!

We went to Spring Loose Park for their session and adventure around to everything it has to offer, which is A LOT! The gardens there are beautiful even when flowers aren’t blooming! Luckily for us though, they were! The park also had a pond we adventured around that was pretty central to the park.

Maica and Alfred had a super small, family-only ceremony and then the next day wanted couples photos to celebrate. Maica wore an adorable dress that was from Lulus. They both were so much fun, they were singing, dancing, and giggling throughout their entire session. Most of the time I’m not with my couples the day after they get married, but with Maica and Alfred, I’m so glad I was! This was the best day for Spring Wedding Portraits!

Thank you Maica and Alfred for being the best company!

spring wedding portraits with Kansas City wedding photographer in the gardens
newly married couple in spring wedding portraits after eloping in Kansas City
married woman wearing white wedding dress in park for spring wedding portraits
showing off new wedding bands to Kansas City wedding photographer
newly married couple under arch at the gardens of spring loose park in Kansas City
newly married couple in wedding attire sitting on steps in park in Kansas City
walking path in spring loose park in Kansas City with Kansas City wedding photographer
dancing in the park for spring wedding portraits after eloping
standing around tree for spring wedding portraits while holding hands
two piece dress from lulus on new bride for spring wedding portraits
standing on bridge overlooking pond in Kansas City park for spring wedding portraits
showing off new wedding bands on bridge overlooking pond in Kansas City park
kissing on cheeks near Kansas City pond for spring wedding portraits

Spring Wedding Portraits | Kansas City Wedding Photographer