Wedding exits are a memorable way to end your special day, and are so much fun to capture! Here are four creative and unique wedding exit ideas.

Sparkler Wedding Exits

A sparkler exit is magical and makes for stunning photos. Guests line up, holding lit sparklers high. As the couple walks through, the sparklers create a tunnel of light. This exit is especially beautiful for evening or night weddings. Ensure safety by having a designated person to oversee the sparklers.

Bubble Lights Wedding Exits

Bubble lights are a newer wedding exit trend that I can get behind! The clear ballon shaped balls are filled with dozens of twinkly lights and placed on the end of a stick. They are very easy to hold and they photograph extremely well! The photos will capture the joy and festivity perfectly.

Car Getaway Wedding Exits

Drive off in a car for a classic, stylish exit. Decorate the car with flowers or a “Just Married” sign. This exit makes for an unforgettable end to your wedding. The photos will capture the elegance and nostalgia perfectly. It’s a timeless choice that adds a touch of old-world charm.

Private Last Dance

A recent trend in wedding exits is to actually send your guests away and have a private last dance with your new spouse! It is such a sweet way to wrap up a day full of love and celebration. A few moments alone with your hunny to reminisce on all the memories made on your wedding day!

Each of these wedding exits offers something unique. Choose the one that best fits your style and wedding theme. Your exit will be a beautiful, memorable moment to end your special day.

4 Types of Wedding Exits | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day should be perfect, rain or shine! Here are 10 tips to create a rain plan for your big day.

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Rain Plan

  1. Choose a venue with indoor and outdoor options. This ensures flexibility no matter what the weather brings. Indoor spaces like ballrooms, pavilions, or barns can be beautiful and functional.
  2. Consider renting a tent. Tents can provide shelter while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoor ambiance. Make sure the tent has sides to keep out wind and rain.
  3. Invest in clear umbrellas. Clear umbrellas are perfect for keeping you dry without blocking the light or your photographer’s view. Plus, they look adorable in photos!
  4. Talk to your vendors. Make sure your photographer, caterer, and other vendors are prepared for a rainy day. Ask about their backup plans and how they handle bad weather.
  5. Have a hair and makeup backup plan. Discuss with your stylist how to keep your look flawless despite the rain. Waterproof makeup and extra hairspray can be lifesavers.
  6. Communicate with your guests. Let them know the rain plan ahead of time. This way, they come prepared with appropriate attire and footwear.
  7. Embrace the rain. Rain can add a unique and romantic element to your wedding photos. Trust your photographer to capture stunning shots, even in wet weather.
  8. Keep towels and blankets handy. They can be useful for drying off and staying warm, ensuring everyone stays comfortable and dry.
  9. Ensure safe walkways. Lay down mats or boards if needed, so guests can navigate without slipping. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  10. Stay positive! Your attitude sets the tone for the day. If you’re happy and relaxed, your guests will be too.

Always Remember…

Remember that rain on your wedding day is considered good luck! It symbolizes cleansing and a fresh start. So, embrace it and enjoy your beautiful, memorable day. By following these tips, you can create a rain plan that ensures your wedding day is magical, no matter the weather. Happy planning!

Creating A Rain Plan | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

In February of 2020, Blake Harris took the chance on 40-acres of unused farmland in rural Louisburg, Kansas to turn it into The Haven, a premier event space for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Due to issues during the pandemic, construction did not begin until 2021 with the official opening taking place in October of 2021. All this time, Blake still maintained his corporate job while booking dates for weddings at his then under-construction venue. Attributing to the initial success of the venue, the attention to detail and passion for these events was evident and foremost in the actions of everyone involved. Since its grand opening, the venue has held events consistently.

The Haven’s Features

Since construction was completed, the Haven has never stopped receiving upgrades and evolving. The venue rental includes all furniture and access to all of the 40-acre property with the only add-ons being bar packages. Some of the key features include:

  • A 9am to 11pm rental time
  • Reception accommodations for up to 260 guests
  • Event staff included for assistance in day-of venue needs
  • Private caterer’s kitchen (as part of their open vendor policy)
  • Private Bridal suite with an in-suite restroom and rooftop deck
  • Large Groom’s suite
  • Two indoor ceremony setup options
  • Free access to The Haven’s house décor
  • Outdoor ceremony location
  • Custom-built indoor bar in the Main Hall
  • Glass Mirror photo booth with unlimited prints included in the rental package
  • Touchscreen game tables in the loft areas for guests
  • State-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sound system
  • Golf cart access to the rest of the property for videos and photographs
  • Large, gated entrance and convenient paved parking lot

Getting Ready

The Private Bridal suite includes an oversized space featuring:

  • Dedicated Thermostat control
  • A wall-length bar with a buffet top
  • 7 LED makeup stations
  • In-suite changing rooms and floor-to-ceiling windows
  • A massive bridal deck that overlooks the property
  • Complimentary mimosa cart
  • Sound system with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Private key code access
  • Coffee station
  • And a Vintage Gold Mirror for beautiful bridal shots

The Groom’s Lounge includes:

  • Dedicated Thermostat control
  • A custom, black felt pool table
  • Two 75” TVs with Xbox and streaming
  • Custom bar with a fully stocked fridge
  • Sound system with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Iconic photo wall with a neon sign
  • Private key code access
  • And the room is Soundproof!

The Haven has a modern farmhouse aesthetic which beautifully compliments the joyous occasions which are held there. The large, overarching ceilings provide a sense of space, and, with a wooden finish, they provide a certain warmth and comfort for all in attendance. The venue can accommodate up to 260 seated guests or 500 standing.

When asked what their favorite part of the wedding industry was, they replied: “Our favorite part of working in the industry is the close relationships we have been able to develop with our clients and vendors! We are impacted by all of the people that have an opportunity to visit and work in our space. We believe that relationships are the building blocks of our venue!”

Anyone interested in booking a tour should visit their website. They look forward to being a part of your special day!

The Haven Venue Spotlight | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Hey, babe! Are you ready to find your very own something white? It’s no secret that bridal gown shopping is one of the most fun and exciting parts of wedding planning- it’s also one of the most nerve wracking parts for many brides. To help ease those bridal jitters, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you have the best experience possible. Bridal gown shopping shouldn’t be stressful – keep reading for some advice that is sure to set you up for dress success!

Choose the best “I Do Crew” for YOU

We know you want to have everyone be apart of this special day and you’ve probably been looking forward to it for quite some time. Do yourself a favor…ensure you are brining supportive people who are going to hype you up and celebrate you! Invite only people who you absolutely cannot make a decision without and who are going to be over the moon happy for you. Want to have more people celebrate finding your dream dress? Bring the to your gown pickup or schedule a happy hour after your appointment to continue the celebration! This is a win/win, as your extras can still be included in your experience without overwhelming you.

Do your research!

Research where you want to shop and make sure you are only visiting stores that you feel match your criteria for your gown and you feel will give you the best experience! Finding your wedding dress should be enjoyable and shopping at too many stores can lead to being overwhelmed. Let’s avoid getting dress fatigue! There are so many amazing stores – it’s easy to want to visit them all. We promise picking just a few will make your shopping experience so much better. Consider your budget, style, party size, wedding date, etc when planning your destinations.

It is totally okay to not attend all of the appointments that you book.

If you end up finding your dress earlier in the day, don’t be afraid to cancel your other appointments! We get it – you’ve got your crew and you planned to make a whole day of this moment. It’s important to remember the whole point of the day – to find your dream dress! If that happens at store number one, you’re so lucky! You can spend the rest of the day celebrating with your crew and check finding your gown off the list of wedding to-dos. We always encourage our brides to live in the moment and celebrate with their crew by taking fun photos, popping champagne, and soaking it all in!

Be flexible!

Maybe you have a certain gown style in mind but then end up liking something else once you start trying on dresses…that is absolutely okay! If fact, this is pretty common! Pinterest inspo is great but ultimately, you have no idea what you are going to like until you put it on your body. It might take your brain a few minutes to catch up but we promise it is okay to fall in love with something totally different than your initial vision. Give yourself permission to fall in love with the very first dress you try on, cancel appointments you don’t need or say “yes” to the gown that you feel amazing in but that’s totally different from your original vision.

This is all normal! Bridal gown shopping is different from any other type of shopping so allow yourself to love what you love, whether that be dress number one or dress number ten.

Let’s make a deal, okay? Once you find your dress, no more looking!

It is so common to think “but what if there is something else out there?” Designers come out with collections twice a year and there are hundreds of designers and gowns in the world – there is always going to be something else out there! That is okay! Stop overanalyzing those photos of yourself the day you purchased your gown. Your dress is perfect! Don’t worry that you are missing out on something else. Unfollow those dress inspo Instagram accounts and revise your Pinterest searches – you said yes for a reason!

– The Team at Something White Bridal Boutique

Five Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from a Bridal Stylist | Guest Blog – Something White Bridal Boutique

Are you looking to capture precious moments in a convenient and affordable way? You should consider mini sessions! Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, capturing a few family portraits, or simply want to freeze a moment in time, mini sessions are the perfect solution. I’ve compiled some key information about why mini sessions might be right for you!

  1. Convenience: Life can be hectic, and finding time for a full-length session may seem daunting. Minis offer a quick and convenient alternative, typically lasting around 20-30 minutes. This means you can fit a professional photo session into even the busiest of schedules!
  2. Affordability: Professional photography doesn’t have to break the bank! Minis are priced competitively, making them accessible to a wide range of budgets.
  3. Variety: Despite their shorter duration, minis still offer ample opportunity to capture a variety of poses and moments. Whether you’re looking for classic portraits, candid shots, or themed setups, we can make the most of every minute.
  4. Perfect for Every Occasion: From family portraits to engagement announcements, minis are versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, birthday, or simply want to update your family photo album, minis provide the perfect opportunity to document every special moment.
  5. Quick Turnaround: Minis provide you with a gallery that is smaller than what a normal session would. So the turn around time is typically quicker! Within a few days of your session, you’ll receive a selection of beautifully edited images.
  6. Professional Expertise: When you book a mini, you’re not just getting someone who owns a camera – you’re getting a skilled photographer with years of experience. From lighting and composition to posing and editing, I know how to capture you at your best!

If you think any of the categories above apply to you, consider a mini session! A quick, fun, versatile way to capture all those special moments.

All About Mini Sessions | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

This week I caught up with Lexi Nardini, the Owner and Director of Floral and Design at Love, Lilacs! I love collaborating with other talented wedding vendors in the KC area. Having photographed multiple weddings that have featured Lexi’s beautiful floral designs, I know how talented she it. I asked if I could pick her brain about all things wedding floral and as always, she didn’t disappoint!

When did you start your business and what drew you to becoming a florist and business owner?

I went to college at the University of Missouri for a degree in event planning! The dream was to be a wedding planner- I just love all things weddings! During my junior year, I took the intro to floral design class as a fun elective, and fell in love with it. I went on to get my minor in floral design, and along the way decided to switch career paths and become a wedding florist instead! I used my knowledge of floral, along with my events/business degree as a perfect combination to start my business after college. The rest is history!

What are some of your favorite current wedding floral trends?

As my business name may hint, I loveeeeee springy florals. My favorite weddings are the classic springy pastels- a trend I don’t think will ever go out of style!

How far in advance do you recommend couples reach out to you about wedding floral planning?

 I usually recommend around 12 months out, and I would say that is the standard I see. But with that being said, I get a whole range! Some two years in advance, and some a couple months away. There is never a wrong time to reach out to me, I am always happy to help! You never know when your favorite vendor could be available, so always check just to be sure. Maybe your date will still be open and maybe not, but always worth the ask in my opinion!

How do you balance creating pieces that look current and also stand the test of time?

Balance is the key with designing! This pertains to lots of different elements in the design process, including symmetry, negative space, bloom size, etc. I always work with the couple to make sure they know what to expect with our florals, and explain to them how we can make sure they are timeless while following the trends at the same time. This all happens during our design meetings, and if the couple is unsure on how to go about this, I am always happy to lead the way with questions to help us get there!

How to you help couples determine what style of florals they are looking for?

If I have a couple that is having trouble deciding on their aesthetic, a great place to start is talking about the season of their wedding. This really gets the conversation going and helps me determine what they like and don’t. Another element is my look-books! I create a custom look-book for each couple, full of ideas, inspiration photos, pricing, descriptions, etc. This look-book is what we refer to at our first meeting/consult, and having that visual really helps us dream up the perfect florals for them!

If you could give couples planning their wedding one piece of advice pertaining to florals, what would it be?

My go-to advice for couples is to repurpose those ceremony florals to the reception! I know this is kind of obvious for vendors, but some newly weds aren’t aware of this and it’s such a money saver! The ceremony tends to be a short period of time, so might as well use those florals throughout the entire event. An example of this is grounded aisle markers (lining the aisle) being moved to tables as centerpieces, or moving the floral arch at the altar to frame the couple behind the sweetheart table. There are tons of possibilities!

What are you most looking forward to within your business in 2024?

I am looking forward to growing our Love, Lilacs team! I absolutely love wedding florals, so bringing more girlies to the LL team will allow us to take on even more, which is the dream!

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, I highly recommend saving this post to come back to as you dive into floral planning. And if you haven’t picked out a florist yet, give Lexi and call to see if working with her would be a good fit for you. She is truly wonderful at what she does!

All Things Wedding Floral Q+A | Guest Blog – Love, Lilacs

Forty minutes North of Downtown Kansas City, White Iron Ridge is nestled in the soft fields of Clay County, Missouri. What began as a small vision for owner, Rebecca ‘Becky’ Hofmeister, soon expanded into a full-fledged wedding venue operation with the help and drive from family friend Amanda Newton.

The Vision

Amanda: “[Becky brought me] in to help propel her vision, and [we] started designing and dreaming together. Land was purchased, a construction team was hired, plans were made, and we started booking couples for future wedding dates as we started building.”

The White Iron Ridge event space is located on Seventy-two privately held acres. The all-white barn is completed with unique and stunning chandeliers, a grand staircase. It also features Overnight Guest Suites for up to Thirty-two guests and a Honeymoon Suite. The entire event space can accommodate up to 350 guests.

The Amenities

Amanda describes the aesthetic as: “Elegant, white, and clean.” The all-white event space is the perfect canvas for any style wedding or event.

Though there is no onsite coordinator, the Event Manager is there all day to make sure the entire process runs smoothly.

Says Amanda: “We give our couples access [to the site] starting at 8 a.m. so they can get ready in our onsite Bridal Suite.” The Bridal Suite is equipped with large mirrors, salon stations, a steamer, and a private bathroom. They have everything needed to make sure the ladies look their best. The groom and groomsmen also have a space to get ready! Their space includes a T.V., a gaming console, and a wet bar – everything needed to keep the gentlemen occupied.

As far as outside vendors, Amanda says: “We welcome outside vendors and continue to welcome vendors to build new partnerships. We also have an awesome recommended vendor list we provide all couples!”

When asked what her favorite part of working in the wedding industry is, Amanda replied: “I love being a part of the beginning of each couple’s journey as they pick their date and venue. [I love] hearing their vision and excitement as they start planning, and then seeing their vision come to life and witnessing one of the happiest days of their lives.”

I have had the opportunity to capture multiple weddings at White Iron Ridge and can attest to it’s beauty! If you think you may be interested, give them a call or fill out the contact form on their website.

White Iron Ridge Venue Spotlight | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

As 2023 comes to a close and 2024 begins I wanted to hop on and recap my busiest year yet! A letter from Nat, if you will.

Over the past 12 months I captured a total of 101 sessions, 23 of those being weddings. That averages to almost 2 weddings a month!! I had a total of 40 Lightroom catalogs for the year, each with lots of time spent editing. I also filled 5 hard drives and 28 SD cards!

Just to give you a glimpse into what an average year in photos looks like – I took 159,944 photos total. I edited 39,488 of those photos and delivered 124 total galleries!

The most popular sessions on my schedule were couples, families, and maternity. But I captured so many different sessions and had a BLAST!

It may vary from month to month, but overall, my most used apps this year were Honeybook (client and project management), Google Docs, Instagram, and Gmail. 

It was the busiest and BEST year yet. I feel so incredibly blessed to serve Kansas City and surrounding areas because I truly have the best clients! I look forward to many more great years ahead. Cheers to 2023; let’s see what you’ve got in store 2024!



A Letter From Nat | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

There are so many special moments to be captured on your wedding day! Family portraits are a great way to remember what loved one’s were there to celebrate with you. Depending on the size of your family, this process may be quick or take a little while. The best way to ensure it goes by smoothly and everyone gets a photography is to be prepared! I’ve put together some tips for how to prepare for fast and organized family portraits.

Make The List

Once your RSPV’s have come back and you know who will be attending the wedding start by making a list of everyone who will be attending the “family portrait” portion of the wedding. This typically takes place right after the ceremony. It is important to make a list because sometimes it is more than just family who needs to stay. It is also important to let anyone who should be staying that they are on the list, so they don’t leave!

Organize The List

After you’ve made you list it’s time to start organizing it! I recommend starting with one partner’s side of the family and then work your way to the other’s. Write down all the different groupings you’d like photographed. Parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Narrow your groupings down to the exact photographs you want. What I mean by this is if you want photographs with each grandparent, write them down individually (ie. picture with Grandma, picture with Grandpa, and picture with Grandma AND Grandpa). This way there is no confusion between you and your photographer. There will be so much going on that you may not remember that you wanted individual pictures with them and if you don’t write it down you will likely just get a group photo.

Share The List

When you are done creating all your groupings it is important to share the list with your photographer! If you have a wedding planner or a day of coordinator it is important to share with them, as well. If you want everyone to be informed, you can also share it with anyone who is on your list so they know they need to stay back after the ceremony. When they ceremony is over, have the Officiant make an announcement reminding anyone who is taking family portraits to stay back instead of leaving.

List, or no list, you’re wedding day is going to be perfect! Family members will hang back so they can be photographed with the Newlyweds and then head to the reception. Being prepared just helps move the process along quickly!

How to Plan Fast and Organized Family Portraits | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Writing your vows can arguably be one of the hardest parts of preparing for your wedding day, especially if you aren’t great with words! It is always a good idea to discuss with your partner what your opinion is when it comes to vows. Do you want to write your own and say them in front of all your guests? Do you want to recite pre-written vows from the officiant? Or do you want a mixture of both? Where you write your own vows and share them in private while also reciting vows from the officiant at the ceremony. In my line of work, I’ve heard a lot of vows recited! I’ve put together a list of tips that will hopefully help you if you and your partner opt for writing your own.

Discuss Tone and Format

Before you get started it is important to discuss what you want the tone and format of your vows to be so they are similar. Are you going for more light-hearted, or serious? Do you want to tell a story, or make promises to each other? Maybe you both want the same format and maybe you both want to do something different! Either way, it is important to be on the same page before the day of the wedding so you have an idea of how to prepare and what to expect.

Sweet Memories.. Not Embarrassing One’s

You likely know your partner better than anyone else. Which means you’ve seen them at their worst and best. Even if you decide on doing light-hearted vows, it is important not to embarrass your partner in front of all your guests during a serious moment. Save the “spring break” and “drunken night out” memories for the reception speeches!


I know it can be nerve-racking just having to write the vows, but it is also important to practice them. I recommend practicing them by yourself a few times to make sure everything sounds good. Once you’ve done that, ask someone you trust to listen to you practice them out loud once or twice. Not only is it good practice for the wedding, but you can get some feedback about how they read and if you should make any changes or adjustments.

Remember, your wedding is just one day! So, although writing your vows may seem like a huge deal in this moment, what really matters is spending the rest of your lives together. Take a deep breath, grab some paper, and write from the heart. Trash one idea and start all over if you have to. At it’s core, you are promising to love your partner and that is all that truly matters!

How To Write Your Vows | Kansas City Wedding Photographer