Natalie and Tanner’s wedding was on a beautiful Spring day at The Everly in Kansas City. A little bit of rain always sets people in a tizzy, but it can make for some very special photographs! I had so much fun capturing this day. The love these two share was so evident throughout the entire day!

Thoughts From Natalie + Tanner

The first look was their favorite part if the day because it was an intimate moment between just the two of them and it was their first time seeing each other on the wedding day!
When asked how they felt on their wedding day, they said, “we were surprising calm because we had done so much planning for all the little details and our amazing vendors were able to execute those details. Plus our wedding party was a huge help in making sure we didn’t have anything to worry about.”

They decided on The Everly because they loved the style and location. The style fit their personalities perfectly and was exactly what they wanted the vibe of the wedding to be. The location was central to hotels and was easy to get to for all their family and friends!

When I asked them what one of their favorite details of the day was, they said, “having our former teacher from high school officiate our ceremony was our favorite detail. He saw our relationship start and was able to tell our story with a very personal touch.”

I asked them when it really sunk in that it was their wedding day and they were getting married. Natalie said, “it felt real for me when we got back from taking wedding party photos at the Kaufman. It finally sunk it that I was able to commit to the love of my life for the rest of my life in front of family and friends.” Tanner said, “it felt real when Natalie walked down the aisle.”

Natalie thinks some good advice for couples planning a wedding is to find what works best for you and fight for what want. She said, “if a detail is very important to you, make sure it is included and don’t settle for anything less than how you want it. Do your research on vendors! Great vendors make wedding planning and the wedding day less stressful.” This incredible wedding day had a rockstar list of vendors!



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Timeless Spring Wedding at The Everly | Kansas City Wedding Photography

Winter in Kansas City can be magical, especially for engagement sessions. I had the pleasure of capturing an elegant winter engagement session at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Kansas City. This iconic location, with its stunning architecture and urban elegance, provided a perfect backdrop for the couple’s special moments!

One of the significant perks of winter engagement sessions is the unique ambiance they offer. The Kauffman Center’s sleek, modern design contrasted beautifully with the soft, diffused winter light. The result was a series of photographs that were both dramatic and romantic. The winter season brings a serene and peaceful atmosphere that adds a touch of sophistication to any session.

The couple embraced the winter theme with their attire. The bride-to-be wore a chic, long, white, silk dress that flowed gracefully in the breeze. Her fiancé complemented her look with a classic black sweater and a dark pants, perfect for the crisp winter air.

Winter engagement sessions also come with the advantage of fewer crowds. The Kauffman Center, typically bustling with activity, was more tranquil, allowing us to explore various angles and locations without interruptions. This sense of intimacy made the session more personal and relaxed for the couple.

The couple’s session was not only about capturing beautiful images but also about enjoying the experience. The quieter, less hectic environment of a winter session allowed them to focus on each other, resulting in genuine, heartfelt moments. These candid interactions made the photos even more special.

In addition to the serene atmosphere and beautiful lighting, winter sessions at iconic locations like the Kauffman Center offer a unique perspective. The architectural marvels of the building, combined with the seasonal beauty, create a one-of-a-kind setting that stands out from traditional engagement photos! This elegant winter engagement session was no exception!

Elegant Winter Engagement Session | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Winter in Kansas City can be unpredictable and chilly. An indoor location like John’s Greenhouse provides a perfect setting for engagement sessions. I had the pleasure of capturing a greenhouse engagement session at John’s and despite the cold weather outside, the greenhouse was warm and inviting.

Indoor locations offer consistent lighting and controlled temperatures, ensuring comfort for everyone. John’s Greenhouse, with its lush greenery, and vibrant backdrop, made this couple’s engagement session feel like a tropical escape!

The couple chose outfits that perfectly complemented the greenhouse’s aesthetic. They opted for simple yet bold colors, which stood out beautifully against the greenery. The bride-to-be wore a stunning deep orange dress, adding a pop of color to the photos. The groom-to-be chose a classic cream colored shirt, offering a sharp contrast to the green foliage. The greenhouse’s natural light highlighted their features and the details of their clothing.

Using an indoor location like John’s Greenhouse has several benefits. It provides a unique and picturesque environment, perfect for capturing special moments. The controlled setting eliminates the stress of weather-related issues. The greenhouse’s lush plants and flowers create a vibrant, natural background for photos.

In winter, outdoor sessions can be challenging due to the cold and unpredictable weather. An indoor location ensures that the session can proceed without any weather-related interruptions. John’s Greenhouse offers a warm, comfortable space for couples to relax and enjoy their session!

Greenhouse Engagement Session | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

In February of 2020, Blake Harris took the chance on 40-acres of unused farmland in rural Louisburg, Kansas to turn it into The Haven, a premier event space for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Due to issues during the pandemic, construction did not begin until 2021 with the official opening taking place in October of 2021. All this time, Blake still maintained his corporate job while booking dates for weddings at his then under-construction venue. Attributing to the initial success of the venue, the attention to detail and passion for these events was evident and foremost in the actions of everyone involved. Since its grand opening, the venue has held events consistently.

The Haven’s Features

Since construction was completed, the Haven has never stopped receiving upgrades and evolving. The venue rental includes all furniture and access to all of the 40-acre property with the only add-ons being bar packages. Some of the key features include:

  • A 9am to 11pm rental time
  • Reception accommodations for up to 260 guests
  • Event staff included for assistance in day-of venue needs
  • Private caterer’s kitchen (as part of their open vendor policy)
  • Private Bridal suite with an in-suite restroom and rooftop deck
  • Large Groom’s suite
  • Two indoor ceremony setup options
  • Free access to The Haven’s house décor
  • Outdoor ceremony location
  • Custom-built indoor bar in the Main Hall
  • Glass Mirror photo booth with unlimited prints included in the rental package
  • Touchscreen game tables in the loft areas for guests
  • State-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sound system
  • Golf cart access to the rest of the property for videos and photographs
  • Large, gated entrance and convenient paved parking lot

Getting Ready

The Private Bridal suite includes an oversized space featuring:

  • Dedicated Thermostat control
  • A wall-length bar with a buffet top
  • 7 LED makeup stations
  • In-suite changing rooms and floor-to-ceiling windows
  • A massive bridal deck that overlooks the property
  • Complimentary mimosa cart
  • Sound system with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Private key code access
  • Coffee station
  • And a Vintage Gold Mirror for beautiful bridal shots

The Groom’s Lounge includes:

  • Dedicated Thermostat control
  • A custom, black felt pool table
  • Two 75” TVs with Xbox and streaming
  • Custom bar with a fully stocked fridge
  • Sound system with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Iconic photo wall with a neon sign
  • Private key code access
  • And the room is Soundproof!

The Haven has a modern farmhouse aesthetic which beautifully compliments the joyous occasions which are held there. The large, overarching ceilings provide a sense of space, and, with a wooden finish, they provide a certain warmth and comfort for all in attendance. The venue can accommodate up to 260 seated guests or 500 standing.

When asked what their favorite part of the wedding industry was, they replied: “Our favorite part of working in the industry is the close relationships we have been able to develop with our clients and vendors! We are impacted by all of the people that have an opportunity to visit and work in our space. We believe that relationships are the building blocks of our venue!”

Anyone interested in booking a tour should visit their website. They look forward to being a part of your special day!

The Haven Venue Spotlight | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Sally and Jacob tied the knot at the Weston Red Barn Farm, surrounded by Kansas City’s Fall beauty. I had the pleasure of capturing their laid-back, rustic celebration filled with heartfelt moments and charm.

Sally’s favorite part of the day was their first look, hands down. She swears by it, saying it brought a calming vibe to the chaos. Seeing your partner before the madness begins? Essential.

I loved their wedding day vibe. They went in with a “whatever happens, happens” attitude, focusing on the fact that they were marrying their favorite person. Simple and sweet.

The Weston Red Barn Farm was a beautiful venue for their wedding day! The cozy, farm feel and those giant barn doors decked out with twinkling lights. Picture-perfect and oh-so-romantic.

One very special feature of the day was the incorporation of Sally’s grandma’s star brooch and Jacob’s grandparents’ wedding necklace. Sentimental touches that made their day even more special!

Their advice for couples that are in the wedding planning process is to talk it out with your partner. Figure out what’s most important to you both. For Sally and Jacob, it was all about photography and food – the good stuff!

Sally and Jacob’s wedding was a cozy, love-filled affair that perfectly captured the essence of fall in Kansas City. It was an absolute joy to be part of their special day, snapping away and soaking in all the warmth and happiness. Here’s to many more love stories like theirs in the KC!

Weston Red Barn Farm | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Amidst August’s warmth, I ventured into Shawnee Mission Park with the B’s for family portraits. Choosing Shawnee Mission Park as the backdrop provided vibrant green foliage and a stunning setting. The family’s wardrobe, a blend of bright and dark neutrals, harmonized seamlessly with the natural palette, creating timeless yet vibrant portraits.

For families planning their session, consider these tips:

Coordinate Outfits: Opt for a color palette that complements the natural surroundings. A mix of bright and dark neutral colors can add depth and visual appeal.

Choose the Right Time: Scheduling your session during the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon ensures soft, flattering light that enhances the warmth of family moments.

Embrace Candid Moments: While posed shots are essential, candid moments capture the true essence of your family. Encourage playful interactions and genuine expressions to create authentic memories.

Plan Poses Ahead: Discuss with your photographer about specific poses or moments you want to capture. This ensures a variety of shots that reflect your family’s personality.

Relax and Enjoy: Family portraits are about creating memories together. Embrace the joy of the moment, and let the photographer capture the genuine connections between family members.

The B’s family’s session at Shawnee Mission Park radiates love and joy. As they braved August’s heat, their portraits stand testament to familial warmth, love, and timeless bonds. I had a blast capturing it!

Shawnee Mission Park Family Session | Kansas City Family Photographer

As the class of 2024 prepares for their next chapter, it was wonderful to capture Ava from Louisburg High School! A session that seamlessly blended her sophistication and spunk. We got to explore the iconic Kauffman Stadium and the vibrant streets of downtown Kansas City.

Ava, a radiant senior with a personality as dynamic as her wardrobe, effortlessly transitioned between three distinct outfits. The session kicked off with Ava donning a sweet white dress that exuded timeless elegance. Against the backdrop of Kauffman Stadium, the soft hues complemented Ava’s natural grace, creating a series of portraits that encapsulated the purity of her senior year.

Transitioning to downtown Kansas City, Ava embraced her vibrant side in a spunky mosaic top paired with crisp white jeans. The juxtaposition of the eclectic patterns against the urban backdrop added a playful touch to the session. As we meandered through the city’s dynamic streets, Ava’s radiant smile radiated through every frame.

For the grand finale, Ava showcased her bold and daring side in a silky maroon top paired with sleek black leather pants. This ensemble perfectly mirrored her confidence and determination as she approaches the threshold of a new chapter in life. Against the backdrop of the city’s skyline, the rich colors and textures created a stunning visual narrative, symbolizing the limitless possibilities awaiting Ava beyond high school.

As a senior portrait photographer, there is immense joy in capturing the individuality of each graduating senior. Ava’s session was a perfect blend of elegance and edge. Congratulations to Ava and the Class of 2024!

Kauffman Stadium Senior Session | Kansas City Photographer

On a picturesque fall day Bridget and Peter tied the knot at The Otten on Main. The vibrant colors of Fall set the stage, creating a magical atmosphere that perfectly reflected the couple’s love story. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing moments for Bridget and Peter since the beginning of their engagement! It has been a pleasure to be apart of their story.

Memorable Moments

One of the most memorable aspects of Bridget and Peter’s wedding was their commitment to cherishing private moments together! The day was sprinkled with special moments – a breathtaking first look, shared vows in seclusion before the ceremony, a quiet elevator ride post-ceremony, a moment to savor dinner amid their guests, a private last dance, and a nightcap at the hotel bar after their grand exit. These cherished moments allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the joy of the occasion.

The wedding felt surreal for Bridget and Peter, a culmination of months of planning and excitement. The sheer joy and love surrounding them made the day feel electric. The rooftop view of the Kansas City skyline, adorned with string lights and a spacious dance floor, added a unique touch to the celebration. The Crossroads location facilitated easy access for guests, enhancing the overall experience.

Special Sentiments

Bridget cherished her bouquet, a personalized creation from the City Market Farmer’s Market flowers, crafted with the help of her bridesmaids. Peter appreciated the sentimental touch of using champagne coupes during dinner, a tradition passed down from both sets of parents.

Bridget and Peter’s wedding at The Otten on Main was a beautiful celebration of love, autumn, and the unique bond they share. As a wedding photographer, capturing such heartfelt moments is a privilege.

The Otten on Main | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

This week I caught up with Lexi Nardini, the Owner and Director of Floral and Design at Love, Lilacs! I love collaborating with other talented wedding vendors in the KC area. Having photographed multiple weddings that have featured Lexi’s beautiful floral designs, I know how talented she it. I asked if I could pick her brain about all things wedding floral and as always, she didn’t disappoint!

When did you start your business and what drew you to becoming a florist and business owner?

I went to college at the University of Missouri for a degree in event planning! The dream was to be a wedding planner- I just love all things weddings! During my junior year, I took the intro to floral design class as a fun elective, and fell in love with it. I went on to get my minor in floral design, and along the way decided to switch career paths and become a wedding florist instead! I used my knowledge of floral, along with my events/business degree as a perfect combination to start my business after college. The rest is history!

What are some of your favorite current wedding floral trends?

As my business name may hint, I loveeeeee springy florals. My favorite weddings are the classic springy pastels- a trend I don’t think will ever go out of style!

How far in advance do you recommend couples reach out to you about wedding floral planning?

 I usually recommend around 12 months out, and I would say that is the standard I see. But with that being said, I get a whole range! Some two years in advance, and some a couple months away. There is never a wrong time to reach out to me, I am always happy to help! You never know when your favorite vendor could be available, so always check just to be sure. Maybe your date will still be open and maybe not, but always worth the ask in my opinion!

How do you balance creating pieces that look current and also stand the test of time?

Balance is the key with designing! This pertains to lots of different elements in the design process, including symmetry, negative space, bloom size, etc. I always work with the couple to make sure they know what to expect with our florals, and explain to them how we can make sure they are timeless while following the trends at the same time. This all happens during our design meetings, and if the couple is unsure on how to go about this, I am always happy to lead the way with questions to help us get there!

How to you help couples determine what style of florals they are looking for?

If I have a couple that is having trouble deciding on their aesthetic, a great place to start is talking about the season of their wedding. This really gets the conversation going and helps me determine what they like and don’t. Another element is my look-books! I create a custom look-book for each couple, full of ideas, inspiration photos, pricing, descriptions, etc. This look-book is what we refer to at our first meeting/consult, and having that visual really helps us dream up the perfect florals for them!

If you could give couples planning their wedding one piece of advice pertaining to florals, what would it be?

My go-to advice for couples is to repurpose those ceremony florals to the reception! I know this is kind of obvious for vendors, but some newly weds aren’t aware of this and it’s such a money saver! The ceremony tends to be a short period of time, so might as well use those florals throughout the entire event. An example of this is grounded aisle markers (lining the aisle) being moved to tables as centerpieces, or moving the floral arch at the altar to frame the couple behind the sweetheart table. There are tons of possibilities!

What are you most looking forward to within your business in 2024?

I am looking forward to growing our Love, Lilacs team! I absolutely love wedding florals, so bringing more girlies to the LL team will allow us to take on even more, which is the dream!

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, I highly recommend saving this post to come back to as you dive into floral planning. And if you haven’t picked out a florist yet, give Lexi and call to see if working with her would be a good fit for you. She is truly wonderful at what she does!

All Things Wedding Floral Q+A | Guest Blog – Love, Lilacs

Kansas City has so many wonderful options when it comes to wedding venues! One of the things I love about this area is that you can find a location in the heart of downtown, or you can drive 15 minutes and find yourself a little slice of solitude. The Barn at Riverbend is a quaint and classic outdoor venue right outside of KC that offers wonderful amenities and picturesque landscapes.

I loved that Natalie choose two dresses that perfectly captured her personality. One very classic and beautiful white gown for the ceremony and one very colorful floral gown for the reception. Her colors of her reception gown perfectly complimented the colors of her bridesmaid’s dresses and the florals for the wedding and reception.

I had the opportunity to meet Natalie and Colin’s dog, Huckleberry, during their engagement session. I was so happy to be able to photograph him again at the wedding! He showed up dressed to the nines in his very best tie, it was adorable.

The Barn at Riverbend has a unique ceremony area. It is located at the bottom of a ravine, and there is a tiered wooden walkway to get down to the seated ceremony area. Shaded with large trees and overlooking a beautiful field, it makes for a perfectly picturesque moment!

I feel very blessed to have been apart of Natalie and Colin’s journey. From capturing their engagement session, to photographing their wedding – I hope to be apart of many more of their big moments in the future!


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Catering: @brancatoscatering
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Hair: @hairsalonkc and @shelbydoesmyhair_
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Dog Service: @katies.kennel
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Venue: @thebarnatriverbend

The Barn at Riverbend | Kansas City Wedding Photographer