guy kisses girl on cheek near pond at loose park in kansas city for their fall couples photos

As the air begins to cool, the trees transform from green to orange, red, and yellow. The leaves start to fall towards the earth and all is calm. Autumn has arrived in the midwest. The best way to capture this new season is by taking fall couple photos at Loose Park in Kansas City.

Loose Park is one of my favorite locations for couples and engagement pictures because there is such a wide variety of breathtaking spots for backgrounds. In the spring the roses are blooming and in the fall the trees are bursting with color.

fall couples photos at loose park in kansas city with the roses still blooming in october
Fall Couples Photos at Loose Park girl in green sweater guy in cream sweater with blue collar shirt
pose ideas for fall couples photos in Loose Park in Kansas City
guy kisses girls head prompt for cute poses for couples photos, great for beginning photographers
black and white photo from fall couples session
simple and easy prompt for couples photos with movement, couple walking towards the camera while looking at each other

Nena and Tony hadn’t had professional photos of themselves taken since their wedding day. This year they wanted to get some fall couple photos taken at Loose Park. They both wore comfy sweaters and paired them nicely with jeans. I always encourage couples to wear outfits they feel comfortable in, that way we aren’t limiting ourselves to certain poses or prompts. The more comfortable you are in what you’re wearing the more confidence and happiness you will radiate through your photos.

We started our session in the Rose Garden and to my surprise there were still some roses blooming which is rare for late October, the best time for the roses is late May through September.

pose ideas for couples and engagement pictures, fall couples session, fall pictures
midwest couple kisses in Loose Park rose garden
fall couples photos at loose park in kansas city, couple sits on steps in rose garden
couple cuddled up during photo session to create real intimate moment
Fall Couples Photos at Loose Park with vivid colors before the leaves fall off the trees

We then headed down towards the pond stopping by beautiful trees on our way. It was a pretty chilly autumn day so I was sure to give them lots of cuddled up poses and prompts with lots of movement to help get them warmed up.

couple keeps each other warm in front of weeping willow tree in loose park
kansas city wedding photographer takes pictures of couple at Loose Park in October
couple wraps arms around each other while looking at the photographer
easy pose for couples that aren't models, wrap arms around each other, girls puts her hands on guys chin and pulls him in close, nose to nose
couple sits in loose park in kansas city in front of the fall trees, vivid colors of red, green, orange, and yellow
Fall Couples Photos at Loose Park by Kansas City photographer
guy kisses girl on cheek near pond at loose park in kansas city for their fall couples photos
loose park pond looking gorgeous in the fall with the bright greens and yellow trees reflecting in the water
how to have fun at your photo session, what to wear for your fall photoshoot in the midwest
midwest couple fall photos outside with autumn trees

The photos turned out gorgeous with such great pops of color. If you’re interested in booking a session with me at Loose Park fill out my contact down below, also please know that Loose Park requires all professional photographers purchase a photo permit a few days before their session ($25/hour fee).

Check out Bridgette and John’s summer engagement session for an example of Loose Park in the warmer months.

piggy back ride picture for couples session in the fall, playful pose idea
real couples fall photoshoot at loose park in kansas city
intimate couples portraits, how to create intimacy, real couple, real moments, midwest photographer
pose idea for couple, guy picks up girl and she kicks her foot out and looks down at him in front of brightly colored fall trees in the midwest
in love couple takes photos in october to capture the fall tree colors

Fall Couple Photos at Loose Park in Kansas City