Self Care During Self Quarantine

Tips on how to take care of yourself during uncertain times by Natalie Nichole Photography.

In the midst of COVID-19, cities are quickly changing regulations in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Kansas City made it mandatory that all nonessential businesses close their doors and urged people to not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. If you are doing your part and staying inside your house as much as possible it’s important to practice self care during self quarantine.

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Social distancing or staying inside your home for a long period of time can become pretty lonely, pretty fast. Be sure to meet your own needs and emotions everyday to keep your spirits up. Here are a few ways to practice self care during self quarantine:

Gratitude Journaling

Start (or continue) a gratitude journal. It’s a simple thing that can make all the difference in your day. Start off each morning by writing down five (5) things you are grateful for or excited to do that day. This will get your mind in a positive space before your day fully begins. At the end of the day make another list of five (5) more things that made you happy throughout the day. Beginning and ending each day positively will keep you thankful and happy. Gratitude journals are a great thing to have even when you aren’t experiencing a pandemic.

gratitude journal

Limit Time on Social Media

It’s easy to get sucked into our phones when we are bored. DON’T FALL INTO THIS TRAP! Reading too much about coronavirus will add way more stress to your life. Stay updated on new updates but don’t fall down the rabbit hole. Social media is a blessing and curse in todays society, it gives us information but sometimes it’s too much. Give yourself a specific amount of time you’re allowed to browse the internet.

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Virtual Coffee Date

If you start to feel lonely invite your friends that are also self quarantining to a virtual coffee date or wine night. There are tons of ways to video chat nowadays. Get together on the google hangout, the houseparty app, skype, facetime, or zoom.

Start a New Hobby

Now it the PERFECT time to start that thing that you’ve been wanting to do but have been putting off because you “don’t have a enough time”, yea that thing- do that! Or brainstorm something completely new you want to try. I ordered a cross-stitching kit off amazon, I going to learn how to cross-stitch/ embroider.

cross stitch

Get Moving!

The quickest way to fell stuck in your house, is by making yourself stuck in your house. Get your body moving with some in home workouts. Since so many gyms had to close their doors during this time there are a ton of online fitness options. Aside from all of the workout videos on youtube you can also sign up for 30 days of yoga or follow LÜM Health Studio on social media for their IGTV or insta-story workouts. Stay active. Stay healthy.

Treat Yo Self

My ideal night is a long hot bath with a candle burning and a great bath bomb. Give yourself a little spa day with all the works; face mask, essential oils, candles, and of course a bubble bath. Da Bomb Bath Bombs are my absolute favorite (they always come with a cute little surprise!)

da bomb bath fizzers

Read a Good Book

Since you’ll be cutting down your screen time trade it in for some face to face time with a great book.

Currently reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Next up: You Are A Badass

Get a Break from Inside… by Going Outside

As of right now it’s completely ok to go outside! You actually need to go outside to get some fresh air. Just continue to do your social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from other people. Take a quick (or a looooong) walk around the block or ride you bike. Fresh air and sunshine will make all the difference.

self care during self quarantine

Things will get Back to Normal Soon

During times of such uncertainty remember to take care of yourself. These are just a few ways to keep yourself happy and entertained all while staying healthy.

If you need a playlist to listen to check out this one for some good heartfelt tunes.

Ready to watch some tv? Let’s Netflix + Chill

Self Care During Self Quarantine