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2023 is off to a great start! 2022 brought so many cool and unique themes and trends to the wedding industry. I am so excited to see what my 2023 weddings have in store. With that being said, there are definitely a few 2023 trends I am excited to capture as the Spring season approaches and kicks off weddings for the year!

Bridesmaids in Color

I am predicting that color will play a huge role in weddings this year. Having your bridesmaids all in different colors within the same color scheme is absolutely beautiful and it photographs incredibly well! It also makes it easy to bring a variety of color into different aspects of your wedding day, like florals and decorations.


Florals are going to be BIG this year. Not just in the sense of popularity, but also in size! I anticipate seeing large, beautiful floral centerpieces, isle displays, backdrops, and statement decor. Whether intricate, or simple, florals are a wonderful way to enhance the style of your wedding!

Statement Pieces

Cocktail wall? Neon Signage? Favor Stand? Multi Colored Arches? It all makes the list! Any kind of unique statement piece that is used to help set your wedding apart from others will be a big hit this year. 

Guest Book Alternatives

Traditional guest books are still wonderful and help capture who was there to help you celebrate your big day! But guest book alternatives are growing in popularity and I think they will play a huge role in weddings this year. Some unique guest book alternatives I’ve seen are a voicemail guest book, a polaroid guest book, and having guests sign bottles of wine for you to drink on your 1st, 5th and 10th year wedding anniversaries. 

Outfit Changes

For some, picking out one dress is simply impossible. Why not wear two?! A trend I’m anticipating this year is the bride’s outfit change between the ceremony and reception! It could be from one elegant outfit to the next, or from one beautiful floor length gown into a short cocktail style dress. Whatever it looks like, it is so much fun, and helps really define the different phases of the day!

Personal Ceremonies

There has been a large trend toward having a close family member or friend officiate non-religious ceremonies. This tends to make the ceremony feel very personal! It allows the officiate to talk about personal memories and how they witnessed the couple’s relationship grow, firsthand. It creates a very intimate environment! 

I am excited to document some of the 2023 wedding trends this upcoming season and am looking forward to seeing what new cool and unique themes and trends pop up for next year!



2023 Trends in the Wedding Industry | Kansas City Wedding Photographer 


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