Forty minutes North of Downtown Kansas City, White Iron Ridge is nestled in the soft fields of Clay County, Missouri. What began as a small vision for owner, Rebecca ‘Becky’ Hofmeister, soon expanded into a full-fledged wedding venue operation with the help and drive from family friend Amanda Newton.

The Vision

Amanda: “[Becky brought me] in to help propel her vision, and [we] started designing and dreaming together. Land was purchased, a construction team was hired, plans were made, and we started booking couples for future wedding dates as we started building.”

The White Iron Ridge event space is located on Seventy-two privately held acres. The all-white barn is completed with unique and stunning chandeliers, a grand staircase. It also features Overnight Guest Suites for up to Thirty-two guests and a Honeymoon Suite. The entire event space can accommodate up to 350 guests.

The Amenities

Amanda describes the aesthetic as: “Elegant, white, and clean.” The all-white event space is the perfect canvas for any style wedding or event.

Though there is no onsite coordinator, the Event Manager is there all day to make sure the entire process runs smoothly.

Says Amanda: “We give our couples access [to the site] starting at 8 a.m. so they can get ready in our onsite Bridal Suite.” The Bridal Suite is equipped with large mirrors, salon stations, a steamer, and a private bathroom. They have everything needed to make sure the ladies look their best. The groom and groomsmen also have a space to get ready! Their space includes a T.V., a gaming console, and a wet bar – everything needed to keep the gentlemen occupied.

As far as outside vendors, Amanda says: “We welcome outside vendors and continue to welcome vendors to build new partnerships. We also have an awesome recommended vendor list we provide all couples!”

When asked what her favorite part of working in the wedding industry is, Amanda replied: “I love being a part of the beginning of each couple’s journey as they pick their date and venue. [I love] hearing their vision and excitement as they start planning, and then seeing their vision come to life and witnessing one of the happiest days of their lives.”

I have had the opportunity to capture multiple weddings at White Iron Ridge and can attest to it’s beauty! If you think you may be interested, give them a call or fill out the contact form on their website.

White Iron Ridge Venue Spotlight | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Kansas City has so many wonderful options when it comes to wedding venues! One of the things I love about this area is that you can find a location in the heart of downtown, or you can drive 15 minutes and find yourself a little slice of solitude. The Barn at Riverbend is a quaint and classic outdoor venue right outside of KC that offers wonderful amenities and picturesque landscapes.

I loved that Natalie choose two dresses that perfectly captured her personality. One very classic and beautiful white gown for the ceremony and one very colorful floral gown for the reception. Her colors of her reception gown perfectly complimented the colors of her bridesmaid’s dresses and the florals for the wedding and reception.

I had the opportunity to meet Natalie and Colin’s dog, Huckleberry, during their engagement session. I was so happy to be able to photograph him again at the wedding! He showed up dressed to the nines in his very best tie, it was adorable.

The Barn at Riverbend has a unique ceremony area. It is located at the bottom of a ravine, and there is a tiered wooden walkway to get down to the seated ceremony area. Shaded with large trees and overlooking a beautiful field, it makes for a perfectly picturesque moment!

I feel very blessed to have been apart of Natalie and Colin’s journey. From capturing their engagement session, to photographing their wedding – I hope to be apart of many more of their big moments in the future!


Planner: @truelovecoordingatinganddesign
DJ: @platinumdjkc
Catering: @brancatoscatering
Florist: @beyondthebloom_kc
Hair: @hairsalonkc and @shelbydoesmyhair_
Dress: @truesociety_bybellevogue @essenseofaustralia
Dog Service: @katies.kennel
Shuttle: @showtime_transportation
Venue: @thebarnatriverbend

The Barn at Riverbend | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

As we ring in the new year I think it is important to note some 2024 wedding trends for the year ahead. If you, or someone you know, is planning a wedding take a look at some of the upcoming wedding trends below!

Restaurant Receptions

Big and small receptions are starting to move from a venue space into restaurants! This option isn’t right for everyone, but if you are looking for an easy, laid-back, all-inclusive “reception” option it would be something to look into. There are a lot of restaurants that have the space to accommodate large parties. You can work with the restaurant to come up with a menu, and ask if you can put out some decorations in the area you will be sitting. Some restaurants even have the space for a small dance floor!

Private Ceremonies

Are you a little anti-social? For some people the idea of saying intimate vows in front of a group of your family and friends makes their skin crawl. But they still want to have that special moment with their significant other. This is where private ceremonies come into play. Whether it is just you and your SO exchanging vows, or a small ceremony with only the wedding party and immediate family with a larger reception to follow, private ceremonies are growing in popularity. 


Decorations have always played a large role in weddings. One specific kind of decoration that is trending is the use of bows! Bows on dresses, bows in hair, bows tied around candles and glassware; you name it. Bows can be a timeless, classic, and elegant addition to any wedding day!

Wedding Crests/Logos

Gone are the days of wedding hashtags. One of my favorite 2024 wedding trends is the creation of a wedding logo! Being able to brand things like favors for your bridal shower, matching shirts for the bachelorette, whiskey glasses for the bachelor trip, and napkins for the reception help pull everything together. How fun is it to work with your spouse to come up with something special that you can continue to use as a symbol of your marriage in the future?! 

Champagne Towers

People always say that trends come back around – this is one that is back with a vengeance! Champagne towers are a fun and very picturesque way to add a little spunk to your wedding reception. Just make sure it will be built well and you are okay with wasting a little champagne before you add it to your reception list. 

Friends/Family Officiants

For some people it is hard to decide who will officiate their wedding. Maybe they aren’t religious, or don’t have a great relationship with anyone within their religion. Maybe they do, but they want someone who has known them their whole life to officiate their wedding. Over the past few years it has become easier to become an officiant online, making the trend of family and friends officiating weddings to soar. 

Late Night Snacks 

Picture this: it’s 11pm and you’ve been dancing your butt off for the past 3 hours. You’re 4 drinks in and you haven’t eaten anything since dinner was served at 6pm; you are starving. The next thing you know, the DJ announces that late night snacks are being set out for the guests to enjoy. How awesome is that?! It can be meat and cheese platters, sliders, or even taco bell. Just a little something to hold your guests over so they can dance the night away!

Candid Family Photographs

As trends start to transition wedding photography from portrait style to documentation style, we will start to see more candids, especially with family members. Couples want authentic memories with their loved ones captured, as well as the portraits. Some couples are even planning a family champagne toast right after the wedding ceremony to help get those authentic candid photographs!

None of these trends 2024 wedding trends are absolute. There are many more that continue to rise and will inevitably fall. But I thought these were popular enough to point out to brides who were in the planning process! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. (:

2024 Wedding Trends | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

As 2023 comes to a close and 2024 begins I wanted to hop on and recap my busiest year yet! A letter from Nat, if you will.

Over the past 12 months I captured a total of 101 sessions, 23 of those being weddings. That averages to almost 2 weddings a month!! I had a total of 40 Lightroom catalogs for the year, each with lots of time spent editing. I also filled 5 hard drives and 28 SD cards!

Just to give you a glimpse into what an average year in photos looks like – I took 159,944 photos total. I edited 39,488 of those photos and delivered 124 total galleries!

The most popular sessions on my schedule were couples, families, and maternity. But I captured so many different sessions and had a BLAST!

It may vary from month to month, but overall, my most used apps this year were Honeybook (client and project management), Google Docs, Instagram, and Gmail. 

It was the busiest and BEST year yet. I feel so incredibly blessed to serve Kansas City and surrounding areas because I truly have the best clients! I look forward to many more great years ahead. Cheers to 2023; let’s see what you’ve got in store 2024!



A Letter From Nat | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

I have photographed many moments between Katherine and Cody. Their wedding day at UNION Event Space was no different than the other fun, unique, and whimsical moments I’ve captured with them. 

They decided on such vibrant and trendy decorations and colors. Most with bright pinks, oranges, and lots of mirrored and metallic pieces. Their flat-lays for their day-of detail photographs were stunning! 

After getting ready they decided to share their vows in private, just the two of them, rather than at the ceremony. It was a very special and intimate moment before the wedding. If you aren’t the kind of person to publicly share, having time set aside on the day of your wedding to privately share vows with your spouse before the ceremony is a great idea! 

One great thing about UNION Event Space was how large the venue was. It offered plenty of space to break up the day into different areas. This provided multiple backdrops for photographs and a lot of room for creativity with decorating! 

Katherine DIY-ed a lot of the decorations for the wedding, but one of her favorite pieces of decor was the fringe she made to hang over the dance floor. It truly made the space feel magical and serene! 

I asked Katherine if she had any advice to share with couples that are planning their wedding day. She said, “Spend time on your wedding day focusing on just your significant other. We took 20 minutes for ourselves to have dinner together in the bridal suite and it was so nice.”

I had a BLAST capturing this special day! I hope to continue to capture big and small moments for Katherine and Cody in the future. Cheers to the Fiola’s!

UNION Event Space | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of capturing Haleigh and Jesse’s elopement in Seward Alaska this past fall. Jesse is the brother of one of my oldest friends, so this opportunity was super special for me! I love small intimate weddings, and being able to travel for work is one of the HUGE perks of my job. 

They got married at Salted Roots in Seward Alaska. It is a beautiful venue, with picturesque landscapes and cozy cabins for guests. Haleigh wanted a venue that would make everyone feel right at home and would accommodate their needs. Seward is a small town, but Haleigh found everyone she reached out to about their elopement to be incredibly helpful! Their party of 17 was well taken care of at Salted Roots, and enjoyed a delicious meal at Ray’s Waterfront after the ceremony. 

With the wedding being so intimate, it is only fitting that some of the small details were intimate as well. One of Haleigh’s favorite details of the day was a blue heart shaped patch that both of her grandmother’s hand stitched onto her dress. The heart is embroidered with the wedding date. 

All in all, the day was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to capture in Alaska! Haleigh highly recommends eloping! She said, “You can always have a reception when you get home!”

Seward Alaska | Kansas City Elopement Photographer

Snow on your wedding day can transform the landscape into a magical wonderland, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to your celebration. However, it also brings its own set of challenges. Here are some tips to navigate and make the most of a snowy wedding day:

  1. Check the Weather Forecast: Stay updated on the weather forecast as your big day approaches. This helps in planning and making necessary arrangements beforehand.
  2. Dress Accordingly: Embrace the beauty of the snow by dressing appropriately. Consider a shawl, faux fur wrap, or a stylish coat that complements your wedding attire while keeping you warm.
  3. Footwear Matters: Opt for footwear suitable for snow, such as boots or shoes with good traction. You can even get creative by incorporating stylish boots that blend seamlessly with your outfit.
  4. Transportation Plans: Arrange for reliable transportation that can navigate through snowy roads. Consider hiring a professional driver or a vehicle equipped to handle winter conditions.
  5. Winter Accessories: Encourage your guests to dress warmly by suggesting winter accessories like scarves, gloves, or hand warmers. You can even provide blankets or shawls for outdoor ceremonies.
  6. Photography Opportunities: Embrace the snowy backdrop for stunning wedding photos. Work with your photographer to capture the enchanting beauty of the winter landscape.
  7. Venue Preparedness: Ensure your wedding venue is well-prepared for the snow. Confirm that walkways are shoveled, salted, and safe for guests to navigate.
  8. Backup Plans: Have a backup plan in case of extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s moving the ceremony indoors or adjusting the schedule, flexibility is key to ensuring a smooth day.
  9. Stay Warm and Hydrated: Keep yourselves and your guests warm by offering hot beverages or setting up stations with warm drinks. It’s essential to stay hydrated even in colder temperatures.
  10. Enjoy the Moment: Despite the weather, focus on the joy and love surrounding your special day. Snow can add a unique touch to your wedding, creating unforgettable memories.

A snowy wedding day can be breathtakingly beautiful with the right preparations and mindset. Embrace the magic of the winter wonderland while ensuring everyone’s comfort and safety, creating a day filled with warmth, love, and enchantment.

Snow on Your Wedding Day? | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

In the heart of Kansas City, Courtney and Jensen Knight chose a simple yet beautiful location for their elopement at the Johnson County Courthouse. A handful of cherished family and friends joined together for their intimate ceremony on a bright and sunny day!

Courtney wore a stunning off-the-shoulder gown, in a classic white. Her dress was complemented by a bouquet of beautiful white hydrangeas. Jensen wore a traditional black suit with a white boutonniere to match Courtney’s bouquet.

The couple didn’t have a bridal party. Which is common with elopements and also continues to grow in popularity for weddings of all sizes. With no wedding party, both of their mother’s signed the marriage certificate as witnesses.

It wasn’t about lavishness, but the sincerity of their love. It a brightly lit corner of the glass-walled courthouse, they shared their vows, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

After the ceremony we headed outside to capture some moments of the new bride and groom, as well as family and group photos. The Johnson County Courthouse is as incredibly beautiful building and photographs wonderfully.

I feel blessed to have been asked to capture this special day for Courtney and Jensen and I especially wish them so much love and happiness as they continue on their journey together as husband and wife!

Johnson County Courthouse Wedding | Kansas City Elopement Photographer

When it comes to proposing the location can be as intimate, special, extravagant, or quaint as you’d like. Whether it is a place that already holds sentimental value, or a place where you are establishing sentimental value, it will be a magical moment! I’ve put together some tips on choosing the perfect proposal location so you can pick a place that’s right for you.

Plan For The Season

Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall all bring different climates, depending on where you are in the US. Here in KC there will be a big difference in temperature and weather from one season to the next. I recommend planning for the season and always having a back-up plan if you decide on an outdoor proposal! You never know when it may rain, or snow. 

Pick A Place You Love

A parent’s house, your favorite coffee shop, a park/trail you frequent, or just a place you love to go together are all great options when it comes to proposal locations. You can deck out a parent’s backyard, or meet at a local park. But picking a place you frequent and/or love going to together makes the moment even more special!

Think About The Afterparty 

It is common to have a gathering with friends and family after the proposal. Which is something to take into consideration when deciding on a location. If you pick a location that can serve as a proposal location and an afterparty location you can kill 2 birds with one stone. If you choose an outside location, such as a park, you may have to do some additional planning for the after party!

Regardless of where you decided to pop the question, the day will be one to remember. Just trust your gut and don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for advice and help!

Choosing The Perfect Proposal Location | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

Along with winter comes proposal season! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year are great times to pop the question because family and friends are already gathering. I had the opportunity to capture a special backyard proposal this past proposal season.

Kristian set up twinkly Christmas lights in Catelyn’s Parent’s backyard for a very romantic proposal. It was a cold evening, but that didn’t stop anyone from coming out to celebrate the newly engaged couple! After he led her to the backyard and popped the question, their family and friends came out of the house to congratulate them. They celebrated with a champagne pop, treats, and toasts.

Kansas City has a lot to offer when it comes to venues and locations for proposals, but nothing is as special as popping the question in a place that is special to the couple. I always recommend choosing a spot that has special sentiment for the proposal and then having a small celebration after! It could be at someone’s house, a restaurant the couple loves, a coffee shop they frequent, or a park they love to go to. Regardless of where they decided to pop the question, this next step into their relationship will be remembered forever.

Backyard Proposal | Kansas City Engagement Photographer