Amidst August’s warmth, I ventured into Shawnee Mission Park with the B’s for family portraits. Choosing Shawnee Mission Park as the backdrop provided vibrant green foliage and a stunning setting. The family’s wardrobe, a blend of bright and dark neutrals, harmonized seamlessly with the natural palette, creating timeless yet vibrant portraits.

For families planning their session, consider these tips:

Coordinate Outfits: Opt for a color palette that complements the natural surroundings. A mix of bright and dark neutral colors can add depth and visual appeal.

Choose the Right Time: Scheduling your session during the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon ensures soft, flattering light that enhances the warmth of family moments.

Embrace Candid Moments: While posed shots are essential, candid moments capture the true essence of your family. Encourage playful interactions and genuine expressions to create authentic memories.

Plan Poses Ahead: Discuss with your photographer about specific poses or moments you want to capture. This ensures a variety of shots that reflect your family’s personality.

Relax and Enjoy: Family portraits are about creating memories together. Embrace the joy of the moment, and let the photographer capture the genuine connections between family members.

The B’s family’s session at Shawnee Mission Park radiates love and joy. As they braved August’s heat, their portraits stand testament to familial warmth, love, and timeless bonds. I had a blast capturing it!

Shawnee Mission Park Family Session | Kansas City Family Photographer

As the class of 2024 prepares for their next chapter, it was wonderful to capture Ava from Louisburg High School! A session that seamlessly blended her sophistication and spunk. We got to explore the iconic Kauffman Stadium and the vibrant streets of downtown Kansas City.

Ava, a radiant senior with a personality as dynamic as her wardrobe, effortlessly transitioned between three distinct outfits. The session kicked off with Ava donning a sweet white dress that exuded timeless elegance. Against the backdrop of Kauffman Stadium, the soft hues complemented Ava’s natural grace, creating a series of portraits that encapsulated the purity of her senior year.

Transitioning to downtown Kansas City, Ava embraced her vibrant side in a spunky mosaic top paired with crisp white jeans. The juxtaposition of the eclectic patterns against the urban backdrop added a playful touch to the session. As we meandered through the city’s dynamic streets, Ava’s radiant smile radiated through every frame.

For the grand finale, Ava showcased her bold and daring side in a silky maroon top paired with sleek black leather pants. This ensemble perfectly mirrored her confidence and determination as she approaches the threshold of a new chapter in life. Against the backdrop of the city’s skyline, the rich colors and textures created a stunning visual narrative, symbolizing the limitless possibilities awaiting Ava beyond high school.

As a senior portrait photographer, there is immense joy in capturing the individuality of each graduating senior. Ava’s session was a perfect blend of elegance and edge. Congratulations to Ava and the Class of 2024!

Kauffman Stadium Senior Session | Kansas City Photographer

Spring means graduation and with graduation comes the opportunity to capture senior sessions! There is something so fun about a senior session and capturing this phase of life for people. Whether they are graduating High School or they are graduating College and entering the workforce, it is such an exciting time! All my graduating seniors are so full of zest and ready to take on the next phase of life. Jolie was no different!

She graduated from Louisburg High School with plans to attend Missouri State University. If you didn’t know, I am a MSU alumni (GO BEARS)! It was wonderful to meet her, and talk about her plans for the future. It’s always fun to talk with people who plan to attend my alma-mater, it allows me to reminisce on my time there. I’m also always willing to share advice on what to do and where to get the BEST food!

The sun showed up for us at sunset! It was a beautiful evening for a senior session at The Nelson Atkins Museum and we had a great time walking around and chatting. Her outfits were so cute and a great representation of her personality!

A good rule of thumb is to do a mix of casual and dressed up looks. It’s common for people to bring a uniform or t-shirt from their school to wear so they can capture those memories!

Scheduling a senior session is a great way to capture this special time in your life! Whether you have one outfit or 3 and are attending a University or starting your career post-graduation. One of the best parts of my job is being able to meet people who are in different phases of life. They all have one common goal – preserve these moments and memories!

Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Senior Session at the Nelson Atkins Museum | Kansas City Portrait Photographer

This session makes me long for warmer days! I can’t wait to get back outside with my clients in the warmth and sun. Blaine and Jess met me at Lone Summit Ranch for a couples poolside session on this hot Summer day. We had the pool to ourselves and I had so much fun capturing their fun and loving personalities. 

Lone Summit Ranch is located in a quaint and secluded area, with beautiful white buildings and a gorgeous pool! I always suggest to my couples that we go somewhere special to them or go do something they enjoy doing together. This helps their personalities shine through and makes their photographs really unique to them! The case was no different for Jess and Blaine.

I had such a great time helping pose them in this unique setting. They were up for anything and so great to work with! The pool area was a decent size, so we had room to move around and get creative with poses in and out of the pool. 

If you are considering doing something out of the ordinary for your next session this is your sign to go for it! As long as your photographer is on board and it’s something that isn’t dangerous it will be so cool to have the unique moments captured!

Lone Summit Ranch Poolside Session | Kansas City Photographer

Adelaide is a UMKC graduate, and booked with me for her Spring graduation photos before grad school! I love helping students celebrate each new milestone & transition with a photo shoot. It’s such a memorable way to wrap up a chapter of life, and begin the next!

Adelaide ended up bringing some of her best friends/sorority sisters with her for the session! They all had their cap and gowns for some celebratory pics together, which was only fitting because they had truly walked this season of life side-by-side! We also had some confetti to play with, and walked around campus doing a bit of reminiscing for them. 

At the end of her session, her boyfriend hopped in for a few of his own Spring graduation photos and photos with Adelaide! This was such a great group to work with for the day. They were all in the best spirits, excited about their next adventures in grad school! 

Being able to document all different parts of life is one of the best feelings. From families to high school graduates, to college grads, engagements, weddings & so much more. I’m blessed to do what I love & share it with all of you.

college grad and friends on campus for spring graduation photos
girls wearing multicolored dresses after college graduation by Kansas City college photographer
blonde group of girl friends walking on campus by Natalie Nichole photos
college graduation girls wearing dresses and skirts for spring graduation photos
college grad wearing cap and gown outside of campus building by Kansas City college photographer
girl holding decorated cap from college by Kansas City college photographer
graduation girls throwing hands in the air by Natalie Nichole photos
group of three girls holding hands on campus for spring graduation photos
solo portraits of college grad wearing blue dress by Kansas City college photographer
girls wearing sorority sweatshirts and jeans by Natalie Nichole photos
ladies holding up sorority signs on campus for spring graduation photos
two sorority girls wearing blue crew neck sweatshirts by Kansas City college photographer
decorated college graduation cap on the ground by Natalie Nichole photos
solo portraits of college grad with boyfriend in cap and gown for spring graduation photos
couple holding up sign with cap and gown by Kansas City college photographer
two college graduates throwing up confetti on campus by Natalie Nichole photos
blonde girl blowing confetti in graduation photo for spring graduation photos

Spring Graduation Photos | Kansas City College Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with West Village Realty in a portrait session recently! We started in their A frame office house for portraits of each woman. They all wore very clean and classy business attire that suited each of them so well. They’re a bubbly group of women who know how to have a good time, and made me feel welcome in their space.

Their office space is located in Prairie Village, on a beautiful lot that is secluded but welcoming. After grabbing individual headshots of each woman, we took group shots both in their studio, and right outside. We couldn’t forget to pop a bottle of champagne to toast to the powerful women that run their brokerage. The West Village Realty women are masters of their craft, and make it easy to build a relationship with them. I loved spending the afternoon getting headshots for this group. Make sure to check them out if you’re looking to relocate to Kansas City.

West village realty Women in studio with portrait photographer
Headshot of woman from Company by Kansas City photographer
Women wearing black leather pants with heels by Kansas City photographer
Woman with curled long hair sitting on plush couch from West Village Realty
Portrait headshot of woman by Kansas City photographer
Realty company pops bottle of champagne in studio by Natalie Nicole photos
West Village Realty pours champagne and glasses with branding on champagne flutes
Realty company cheers to Champagne by Natalie Nicole photos
Group of women in business attire for company Headshots by Kansas City photographer
West Village Realty women hold hands and walk through grass for portraits
Realty owner stands on the house pillar with bottle of champagne by Natalie Nicole photos
West Village Realty Holds just sold sign and champagne flutes
Reality business owners stand in front of homebase by Kansas City photographer

West Village Realty | Kansas City Photographer

I met with Hannah at Tomahawk Park for her senior portrait session! The park was the perfect location for us to get her some variety in her images, but also keep everything local! That’s one of the best thing about these city parks.

I usually tell my clients if you want to maximize your time for your senior session, engagement session, proposal, etc. heading to a place like Tomahawk park will give you more than one type of setting!

Hannah is a warm and bubbly person who was a natural in front of the camera! I feel like you can see how kind she is just by looking at these pictures! Her mom came with too, so we had to make sure to get a few snaps of the two of them!

Hannah is graduating next spring from one of our local schools and headed to KU to study engineering! Thanks for such a great evening in the park, you both!

Tomahawk Park | Kansas City Senior Photographer

Jordan’s downtown Kansas City Bachelorette Party was themed ‘Kiss The Miss Goodbye’. How fun is that!?

Their Airbnb was decorated to fit the vibe of Jordan and all her girls for her bachelorette party, and it was so fun to photograph! And when they all went out together, they coordinated the cutest pink and white heart shaped glasses.

They also had the prettiest sparkly dresses that they lined up on the clothing rack the Airbnb provided. Which totally matched the cool, retro vibes of the house. I grabbed some portraits of Jordan, and then with all the girls as they were getting ready. They shared a couple drinks before taking their limo to do some bar hopping on the town!

A bachelorette party of ‘Kiss The Miss Goodbye’ theme was the perfect weekend for Jordan and her girls! I loved being apart of these few moments, and getting them some pictures to remember some of these fun moments before her wedding day!!

kiss the miss goodbye themed bachelorette party in Kansas City
diamond engagement ring styled with bling shoes and flat brimmed hat
bride and bridesmaids wearing towels on their head and white and pink tops
bride and bridesmaids wearing white and pink tops at kiss the miss goodbye bachelorette party
girls wearing creative socks during Kansas City bachelorette party
sashes with names printed in gold on them and airbnb filled with balloons and name cards
bride looking at herself in the mirror while putting on lip gloss
bride sitting and jumping on bed in airbnb at bachelorette party
bachelorette group of girls popping bottle of champagne by Natalie Nichole Photo
themed party in Kansas City by Natalie Nichole Photo
group standing in front of limo in Kansas City before bar hopping

Bachelorette Party | Kansas City Photographer

I met with Eileen & Ben at The Colonnade in Kansas City for a maternity session! Eileen wore a STUNNING red dress during the session that was an absolute statement piece during this shoot!

The Colonnade was such a perfect setting for this shoot. We had a perfect sunny glow to work with early on in the session. And at the end, the sun literally hit Eileen perfectlyyyy to compliment her pregnancy glow. Like jaw dropping perfectly. You guys know we love any sunset session we can get!!

She also brought her fur coat and crown to add even more flare to the shoot! Which worked out perfectly! We used some of the shoes she planned for their baby girl.

Thank you so much Eileen & Ben for having me along for this sweet session! You both are a joy to spend time with and I felt honored to shoot this session for you before giving birth to your daughter!

new mom and dad at the colonnade with Kansas City photographer
new mom in red maternity dress and crown at the colonnade
new mom and dad during maternity shoot
new parents at the colonnade wearing a red maternity dress and a long pony tail
mom and dad at maternity session holding hands under arch in Kansas City
solo mom maternity photos wearing a floral crown and a long red maternity dress
mom at sunset of maternity wearing gold crown and gold jewelry with red maternity dress
small fuzzy baby shoes during maternity session with Kansas City photographer
new mom and dad hold hands during maternity session wearing red accent colors
maternity close up shot of mothers stomach in Kansas City the colonnade
new mom wearing red maternity dress and crown wrapped in husbands arms
mom wearing long maternity dress with fur coat wearing red nail polish
red maternity dress with long train flowing behind the dress at the colonnade in Kansas city
new mom and dad sitting outside the colonnade wearing red accent colors and gold jewelry
new mom at maternity session with Kansas City photographer during sunset wearing long red dress
new mom and dad stand outside the colonnade holding stomach and wearing fur coat

The Colonnade | Kansas City Photographer

I met with Ariel for a Fall Senior Session at Shawnee Mission Park right outside of Kansas City! We were able to sneak in four outfits for this session! I honestly love when my seniors want to incorporate their own style in a variety of ways during the time we spend together shooting!

At Shawnee Mission Park we started underneath the trees where the perfect amount of leaves had fallen and given Ariel the best area to work in! Her first outfit was dressy but comfortable! I love that it found that perfect sweet spot between trendy and timeless. That white and denim combo is a fav.

But we couldn’t leave this Fall Senior session without adding in a bit of spice to her outfits! Check out that INSANE red dress she brought!! She brought the fire to add the perfect amount of flare to this session! I love all my seniors that come to me for their sessions! It’s such an exciting time in their lives, and it’s fun to document that. We laugh, joke around and just have the best time! It makes me so grateful to be a Kansas Senior Photographer!!

Thank you Ariel for the best evening!!

Kansas senior standing in Shawnee mission park during fall senior session
Senior girl wearing jeans and a dressy white shirt during fall senior session
Senior photos during the fall in Kansas with Kansas senior photographer
Senior girl laughing during session while wearing jeans and a white long sleeve shirt
Senior girl smiling during the fall at Shawnee mission park
Blonde girl sitting by water during fall senior session
Senior girl standing next to tree with Kansas senior photographer
Senior girl standing up against a tree smiling at Kansas senior photographer
Senior girl stand in grass field during sunset at fall senior session
Senior girl wearing jeans and a green top in tall grass field in Kansas
Senior girl standing in grass field during sunset wearing short sleeve shirt and jeans
Laughing Kansas senior girl dancing in field during fall senior session
Senior girl wearing boots with heals dancing in the road in Kansas
Senior girl wearing long red dress dancing barefoot at Shawnee mission park in Kansas
Girl wearing long red dress next to lake at Shawnee mission park
Senior girl soft smiling sitting next to lake at sunset during fall senior session

Fall Senior Session | Kansas Senior Photographer