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I had the pleasure of working with West Village Realty in a portrait session recently! We started in their A frame office house for portraits of each woman. They all wore very clean and classy business attire that suited each of them so well. They’re a bubbly group of women who know how to have a good time, and made me feel welcome in their space.

Their office space is located in Prairie Village, on a beautiful lot that is secluded but welcoming. After grabbing individual headshots of each woman, we took group shots both in their studio, and right outside. We couldn’t forget to pop a bottle of champagne to toast to the powerful women that run their brokerage. The West Village Realty women are masters of their craft, and make it easy to build a relationship with them. I loved spending the afternoon getting headshots for this group. Make sure to check them out if you’re looking to relocate to Kansas City.

West village realty Women in studio with portrait photographer
Headshot of woman from Company by Kansas City photographer
Women wearing black leather pants with heels by Kansas City photographer
Woman with curled long hair sitting on plush couch from West Village Realty
Portrait headshot of woman by Kansas City photographer
Realty company pops bottle of champagne in studio by Natalie Nicole photos
West Village Realty pours champagne and glasses with branding on champagne flutes
Realty company cheers to Champagne by Natalie Nicole photos
Group of women in business attire for company Headshots by Kansas City photographer
West Village Realty women hold hands and walk through grass for portraits
Realty owner stands on the house pillar with bottle of champagne by Natalie Nicole photos
West Village Realty Holds just sold sign and champagne flutes
Reality business owners stand in front of homebase by Kansas City photographer



West Village Realty | Kansas City Photographer


and I'm as excited to read it as this bride is for her bottle of champagne! (hahaha)

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