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For some, the idea of planning or attending a bachelorette party can seem like a nightmare. When in reality it should be a stress-free and fun time to get all the Bride’s favorite people together to celebrate her! I’ve put together some tips for planning the perfect bachelorette party, no nightmares involved.

Assign Roles and Create Guest List

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to assign roles for the bachelorette party before planning begins. This lets everyone know who is in charge of what, it also allows people to opt out of taking on a planning role if they don’t have the time. This helps everyone stay organized and keeps things from becoming overwhelming! Once roles have been assigned it’s time to start creating the guest list. Who’s coming? Just the wedding party? Is the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom coming? Is it ALL the bride’s friends? After the guest list is established, it’s time to start planning!

The Details

Date, location, and lodging should be the first things on the planning list! Once those three are determined you can start scouting out all the fun things to do in the area. It is important to have a conversation with everyone invited about the cost of the party. If everyone is working with a smaller budget, look at places closer to home. If you have a larger budget you can look at flying with your pals to a new place! After you get your lodging booked, start coming up with an agenda for the party!

Picking a Theme

It seems like picking a bachelorette party theme is a big deal these days! The truth is, it can be as simple or extravagant as the Bride wants. Simple parties can be just as fun as Extravagant one’s! Once you’ve decided on a theme you can decided how you want to decorate, what kinda of outfits to plan for, and what the overall “vibe” is going to be. It is important to relay this information to everyone invited early on so they have time to plan!

Creating and Agenda

Coming up with a game plan for the party is important, especially if it is a multi-day party! Start by deciding on a rough timeline for each day of the party. This should include where you will be going, when and where you will be eating, and what the weather will be like. Sharing this information will allow everyone time to plan their outfits. It will also give people time to plan for how often they will be eating out and gauge how much money they will be spending on outings and activities! Transparency is KEY when organizing groups of people.

Girl’s Gotta Eat!

Make sure to plan out what meals you will be eating at where you’re staying so you can write up a grocery list for everyone to chip in on, and send out menu’s for the restaurants to plan on eating at. This allows everyone time to plan ahead. It also gives you the opportunity to call and make any reservations needed for the party!

Confirmation is Key

It is important to have everything planned about four months in advance. At that point you can reach out to everyone on the guest list and let them know what the plan is. You should know how much everyone’s portion of the party will cost. This gives everyone time to decide if they are able to go or will have to sit it out!

There is SO much time and planning that goes into preparing for a bachelorette party. I hope these tips help easy some of that stress! Is there anything I’m missing?? Let me know in the comments!

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How to Plan for the Bachelorette Party | Kansas City Wedding Photographer


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