Loose Park Rose Garden | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

Alexandra and Lauren had never had photos professionally taken of the two of them before reaching out to me! I love helping new clients realize that having photos taken is way easier than it looks, and doable for everyone! These two were a little nervous but warmed up so quickly & we had the best session at Loose Park Rose Garden!

Loose Park Rose Garden is one of my favorite locations in Kansas City- the park is big and has a variety of different locations; the rose garden, the pond, wide open field, and super tall trees. 10/10 recommend. Loose Park does require a $30 photo permit pass to shoot there, but it’s worth the trip & time you spend! 

On this beautiful spring day, the red bud tree was our favorite spot! The color really complimented Lauren and Alex’s outfits! This was the perfect time of year for a session here due to the flowers being in bloom! Literally stunning!

Thank you Lauren & Alex for the best night at the park! So happy I was able to do this session for you 🙂

engaged women walking around loose park rose garden with Kansas City engagement photographer
engaged women walking on path wearing jeans and a v-neck shirt
women engaged standing in front of pond at loose park rose garden
women walking across bridge in Kansas City while holding hands and giving cheek kisses
engaged women wearing flats while walking over bridge during engagement session in loose park rose garden
woman shows of diamond engagement ring during session with Kansas City engagement Photographer
engaged women walking on path at loose park rose garden in front of purple bloomed trees
women wrapped up in each others arms during engagement session
tattooed women during loose park rose garden engagement session
women wearing red and black cropped top during engagement session with photographer
engaged women sitting on steps at loose park rose garden wearing open toed shoes
engaged women holding hands and showing off diamond engagement rings



Loose Park Rose Garden | Kansas City Engagement Photographer


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