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The buying of the engagement ring is the first step in the age-old process of getting married! To some, it is one of the most significant parts, for others it is a small token of symbolization. Regardless of how you see it, the styles and trends in engagement rings have changed over the decades. There are a few trends that are making a comeback!

Art Deco Style Rings

The Roaring 20’s is back in the 2000’s and the trends in engagement rings are mimicking those of the 1900’s. Art Deco style engagement rings are back and they are bigger (literally) than ever! Not only are some people choosing to go vintage and shop art deco style rings from the 1920’s in an effort to support sustainability, others are creating new rings with specific art deco vintage designs in mind. 

Pear Shaped Rings

The pear shaped style of rings actually began in the 1960’s and has grown and faded throughout the ages. Its popularity has grown within the recent years and continues to grow as we head into the new year. If you are on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring and haven’t tried on a pear shape yet, maybe give it a go? You just might surprise yourself!

Halo Style Rings

Whereas the Art Deco Style rings are popular as a whole, the Halo Style specifically has seen a large growth in popularity. The 1920s style art deco engagement ring that is rooted in a cluster rings smaller cut diamonds can help your center stone really shine!

Regardless of what you’re style is, finding a jeweler that values your opinion, budget, and vision is key when searching for the perfect engagement ring!

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Popular Engagement Ring Styles | Kansas City Wedding Photographer


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