I met with Payton and Jordan for their Fall engagement session last year! They offered to use Payton’s family land for their shoot and I eagerly accepted! This location was a perfect place to show off the Fall colors and get some epic backgrounds for their images!

They have a pond on the property with a pier, which we used right at the beginning of their session. It looked like it was out of a movie! The family also has this willow tree that is such a statement piece on the land, so of course we shot there too. Both of these locations were perfect their Fall engagement session vibes!

I loved their different outfits throughout the session too! From her in a long green cardigan & him in the flannel shirt for their first outfit, to the two other outfit changes afterwards. Make sure to scroll down to get great outfit inspo for photo sessions! The sun had decided to make her appearance at the end of their session so we made sure to use it to our advantage!

They are getting married this October, about a month from now and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! They’re the sweetest couple and I loved this session!

fall engagement session on pond pier wearing flannel top and green cardigan
engaged couple sitting on dock at family property outside of Kansas City
showing off diamond engagement right walking through grass field by Natalie Nichole Photo
fall engagement session while kissing each others cheeks and holding one another
couple walking along a paved path on family property outside of Kansas City
couple kissing in front of willow tree at sunset by Kansas Wedding Photographer
woman wearing grey cardigan and long neckless at sunset by Natalie Nichole Photo
sunset engagement session in the fall walking along grass field by Natalie Nichole Photo
newly engaged couple sitting in grass field at sunset in the fall
engagement session outside of Kansas City on family pond

Fall Engagement Session | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Tyler planned the perfect Kauffman Proposal for Marlee with the help of their families! A little backstory on these two. They actually met here! How cool is that? He wanted to make sure this moment was so sentimental for them so he planned to take her to the Center where they met and have their families hidden while he got down on one knee!

I love the Kauffman as shoot location because there is so much to work with on just one property! After he proposed we walked around with some of their family to grab portraits of them as a group! Tyler also invited Marlee’s best friend, and the look on her face when she saw the ring was priceless! It was also clear skies so it was the perfect wedding for a happy engagement!

Tyler’s Kauffman Proposal was a complete success and being apart of it was a blast! Congrats again you two! Happy wedding planning!!

Kauffman proposal on a clear skies day before man and woman get engaged
man getting down on one knee to proposal to girlfriend in Kansas City
newly engaged couple shared moment with hidden family members at Kauffman proposal
couple walking the brick path by Kansas City wedding photographer
showing off new ring to Kansas City proposal photographer Natalie Nichole
newly engaged couple sitting on steps at performing arts center in Kansas City
couple wearing blue dress and suit coat by Nichole Natalie Photo
couple poses for family portraits after dropping a knee by Natalie Nichole Photo
sunny day in kansas city with newly engaged couple and families
fiancé shows best friend new diamond engagement ring
couple dances around performing arts center with Kansas City proposal photographer

Kauffman Proposal | Kansas City Proposal Photographer

Maris & Maddie had a beautiful Shawnee Mission Park session with me in the Spring. The two of them hadn’t ever had professional photos taken of the two of them, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell based on how natural they were the entire session! They are also such good company and I had some of the friendliest conversations having only met for the first time this day!

They are also so obviously in love, and checked in with one another during their session. We started under the trees while walking the path right at sunset! It had rained earlier in the day but had cleared up just in time for our session! Our night ended at the water walking along one of the piers that had an amazing view of the lake. It was overcast skies but I truly love that lighting because it allows me the flexibility to shoot anywhere in the park.

Thank you so much Maria & Maddie for being such great company for your Shawnee Mission park session! You two are truly two of the sweetest humans!

Shawnee Mission Park session in the spring with two women walking along the path at sunset
woman couple holding hands at shawnee mission park during session with Kansas City couples photographer
lgbtq couple laughing at the park in Kansas City wearing dress and button up shirt
couple hugging around each others shoulders at sunset wearing jewelry and dress clothes
lgtbq couple at Shawnee Mission Park session with Kansas City photographer at sunset
couple sitting on park path during Kansas City session with couples photographer
couple dancing in the park during session with Kansas City photographer
lgbtq couple walking along pier during overcast skies of shawnee mission park session
woman wearing knit dress during couples session on the waterfront in Kansas
couple walking along the pier during shawnee mission park session during blue hour

Shawnee Mission Park Session | Kansas City Couples Photographer

Jordan & Coleman had the prettiest modern engagement session in downtown Kansas City. They had two outfits planned that they put so much time and effort into creating, & they turned out stunning! Jordan is actually one of my best friends! She was very open with me about her ideas and I told her we could make anything she’s dreamed about come to life! Her style is obviously very modern, but she also wanted chic! I told her I knew the perfect places for us to have a bit of fun creating her vision!

We went downtown to the Kauffman first. The arts center has beautiful architecture and even spaces that make it feel like a big tech building! It was perfect for the beginning of their modern engagement session! She even brought our her veil that was decorated in pearls for some solo portraits of her! It was nice just spending the evening with the two of them because I really got to let some creativity show through!

We ended the evening on a nearby rooftop for their Modern engagement session. You guys know how much I love KC rooftops, so mixing their modern chic with old town Kansas City was the perfect blend!

Thanks so much for spending the evening with me Jordan & Coleman! It’s always the best time!

modern engagement session with couple wearing white outfits and high heels
Kansas City architecture during engagement session at sunset
couple wearing white during engagement session walking at arts center in Kansas City
couple all snuggled up during modern engagement session sitting on cement
couple showing off dress shoes sitting on steps of arts center in Kansas City
couple at sunset dancing during engagement session with girl wearing headpiece by Natalie nichole photo
intimate couple giving kisses to one another at arts center in Kansas City by Natalie Nichole Photos
bride wearing white dress with heals and long pearl veil by KC wedding photographer
engaged woman wearing vail during modern engagement session with Natalie Nichole Photos
outfit change during engagement session on rooftop in Kansas City
woman wearing white pant suit walking on rooftop with fiancé during modern engagement session
woman wearing white sunglasses and white pant suit with lace body suit in Kansas City
couple popping bottle of champagne during modern engagement session with fiancé in white dress shirt
woman chugging bottle of champagne with Kansas City engagement photographer

Modern Engagement Session | Kansas City Photographer

The minute I met Alyson and Caleb we clicked. I was so lucky to get their inquiry for their engagement session! We had the session at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center and then ventured to the top of a parking garage for the view of the city!

They are a fun loving and adventurous couple! Caleb actually proposed to Alyson while they were on a trip to Alaska. They took a helicopter tour and her proposed to her when they landed in a winter wonderland. Literally magical!

They are currently planning their intimate elopement in a gorgeous forest in Maine! During their engagement session at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center, we talked about all the little details they were planning for their elopement! It was like chatting with old friends, I felt right at home!

Congrats again to Alyson and Caleb! Thanks for spending the evening adventuring in beautiful places with me 🙂

Kauffman Performing Arts Center engagement session with couple wearing dress and dress shirt
walking outside of center on a sunny day wearing white heals and white dress by Natalie Nichole Photos
newly engaged couple showing off new diamond engagement ring with Kansas City engagement photographer
Kauffman Performing Arts Center with woman wearing brimmed hat and white heals
dreamy engagement session on a sunny day in Kansas City by engagement photographer
couple sitting on the steps looking at engagement ring in Kansas City by Natalie Nichole Photos
Kauffman Performing Arts Center steps with engaged couple and new diamond ring
dancing outside in Kansas City with engaged man and woman on a cloudy day
overlooking the skyline of Kansas City during engagement session
casual clothing engagement session outside of Kauffman Performing Arts Center
running on the sideways while holding hands wearing jeans with fiance by Natalie Nichole Photos
couple sitting on rooftop of parking garage and then piggy back rides with engaged couple
couple laying on the floor of parking garage during Kauffman Performing Arts Center engagement session

Kauffman Performing Arts Center | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

Justin reached out to me to set up the most gorgeous Bellafete Proposal in downtown Kansas City! He wanted the afternoon with Andi to be perfect! Bellafete is a luxury event planning service, and they did an INCREDIBLE job bringing Justin’s vision to life! Once you see the photos below you’ll understand what I mean by ‘gorgeous!’

Bellafete also put together a luxury picnic to help surprise Andi! This included champagne and a light snack for the two of them to share. They also had a frosted glass sign set up at the scene that read “will you marry me?”!

If you’re wondering if the bride-to-be was surprised, the answer is YES. Andi thought they were meeting up with Justin’s coworkers for a company picnic at the memorial – she was completely surprised and overjoyed when he asked her to marry him. We headed to a spot with the most perfect skyline to add some variety to their session after she said yes. And then we came back to the park to pop the bottle of champagne!

I loved everything about this Bellafete proposal and working with their company was such a pleasure!

bellafete proposal picnic set up for Justin and andi in Kansas City
andi walking up to proposal location in complete shock to see a picnic for the two of them
man down on one knew proposing to girlfriend at memorial park in Kansas City for bellafete proposal
newly engaged couple kissing after bellafete proposal in Kansas City
couple laughing in park wearing picnic clothing after getting engaged
engaged couple standing in front of bellafete proposal location in Kansas City
engaged couple on rooftop in Kansas City after surprise proposal
couple wearing summer outfits on rooftop after bellafete proposal
couple showing off diamond engagement ring after surprise proposal
engaged couple kissing on rooftop while overlooking Kansas City skyline
piggy back rides on the rooftop in Kansas City with engagement photographer
couple holding hands showing off new diamond engagement ring with gold band
bellafete proposal ending with a champagne pop with Kansas City photographer
couple sitting at picnic location after bellafete proposal

Bellafete Proposal | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

Jamaica and Aidan booked a session with me during my Spring minis! I hosted the sessions at Shawnee Mission Park! This afternoon was gorgeous, it felt like the sun was somehow extra glow during golden hour. And we couldn’t get enough!

Aidan and Jamaica fit together like puzzle pieces. In the short session I had with them, their love was obvious for one another. You wouldn’t question anything spending 10 minutes with them! This made it so easy to let their love do the work! I gave them fun prompts so they were always moving around and being playful! I love the images we captured!

I found out a month after these Spring minis, Aidan proposed to Jamaica in Amsterdam! She obviously said yes and now they are busy doing all the fun wedding planning! Congrats to you both! This afternoon was a blast and I feel so lucky to have met you both!

couple at Shawnee Mission Park for spring minis with kansas city couples photographer
kissing foreheads during spring minis with Kansas City couples photographer
walking the path at Shawnee Mission Park during spring minis
couple dancing on path at Shawnee Mission Park during spring minis with couples photographer
sitting at sunset at Shawnee Mission Park for couples session in Kansas City
couple at sunset wearing long spring dress under a tree
curled hair in the wind during couples session with Kansas City couples photographer
hugging during session with Kansas City couples photographer wearing white dress
playful couples session during spring minis with Kansas City photographer
woman wearing long white spring floral dress during sunset session with Kansas City photographer
sitting on path during session wearing blue collared shirt
man and woman holding hands in front of trees at photo shoot in KC

Spring Minis | Kansas City Couples Photographer

Alexandra and Lauren had never had photos professionally taken of the two of them before reaching out to me! I love helping new clients realize that having photos taken is way easier than it looks, and doable for everyone! These two were a little nervous but warmed up so quickly & we had the best session at Loose Park Rose Garden!

Loose Park Rose Garden is one of my favorite locations in Kansas City- the park is big and has a variety of different locations; the rose garden, the pond, wide open field, and super tall trees. 10/10 recommend. Loose Park does require a $30 photo permit pass to shoot there, but it’s worth the trip & time you spend! 

On this beautiful spring day, the red bud tree was our favorite spot! The color really complimented Lauren and Alex’s outfits! This was the perfect time of year for a session here due to the flowers being in bloom! Literally stunning!

Thank you Lauren & Alex for the best night at the park! So happy I was able to do this session for you 🙂

engaged women walking around loose park rose garden with Kansas City engagement photographer
engaged women walking on path wearing jeans and a v-neck shirt
women engaged standing in front of pond at loose park rose garden
women walking across bridge in Kansas City while holding hands and giving cheek kisses
engaged women wearing flats while walking over bridge during engagement session in loose park rose garden
woman shows of diamond engagement ring during session with Kansas City engagement Photographer
engaged women walking on path at loose park rose garden in front of purple bloomed trees
women wrapped up in each others arms during engagement session
tattooed women during loose park rose garden engagement session
women wearing red and black cropped top during engagement session with photographer
engaged women sitting on steps at loose park rose garden wearing open toed shoes
engaged women holding hands and showing off diamond engagement rings

Loose Park Rose Garden | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

If you’re wondering if you can include your beloved pup in your photo shoot, the short answer is YES. (In fact I LOVE it!!!) If you’re wondering some logistics about engagement photos with dogs though…

Here’s some fun tips on how to get engagement photos with dogs involved!

1. Have a friend to help! They can entertain the dog while you get photos of just the two of you!

2. Bring plenty of treats and a toy – this will help get the dogs attention in front of the camera and gives them a nice reward for being a good boy.

3. Don’t stress! Animals will be themselves and do their own thing so just enjoy the moment and interact with you pet like you would at home! Showing off their personality will leave you with photos you will cherish even more!

I spent the evening with Logan, Drew and their dog Blu at Shawnee Mission Park! Dogs always add to the fun in engagement sessions and Blu didn’t disappoint! We tried to grab as many candid moments with mom and dad interacting with Blu because of how nice it is to have natural photos with your pup! I’d love to have you guys feel like you were at home on the floor playing with your dog instead of just posing for 30 minutes to get the “perfect” photo. I think the perfect photos are the ones that feel real and natural! That’s what I hope for getting engagement photos with dogs involved!

We grabbed a few photos of Logan and Drew at the end of the session for their save the dates!

Thanks so much to all three of them for being such great company! I loved everything about this night!

engagement photos with dogs at Shawnee Mission Park during fall
engagement photos with dogs wearing bandana collar walking through a field
walking with dog during engagement session wearing long dress and dress clothes
sitting in field during engagement session with dog wearing bandana collar
wearing a floral dress dancing in a field during engagement session with dogs
white long dress and floral shirt during engagement session at Kansas City park
walking towards pond during engagement session with dogs wearing dress and dress clothes
showing off engagement ring during engagement session with dogs at Kansas City park
holding hands near lake in Kansas City with engagement photographer
intimate moment standing in path wearing white long dress
walking path during engagement session with dogs near pond wearing floral dress shirt

Engagement Photos with Dogs | Kansas City Photographer

Even if you just elope you still deserve photos of you and your partner at this stage of life. Dress it up or keep it casual- do something that feels like YOU. Maica and Alfred did just that! They wanted spring wedding portraits the day after eloping!

We went to Spring Loose Park for their session and adventure around to everything it has to offer, which is A LOT! The gardens there are beautiful even when flowers aren’t blooming! Luckily for us though, they were! The park also had a pond we adventured around that was pretty central to the park.

Maica and Alfred had a super small, family-only ceremony and then the next day wanted couples photos to celebrate. Maica wore an adorable dress that was from Lulus. They both were so much fun, they were singing, dancing, and giggling throughout their entire session. Most of the time I’m not with my couples the day after they get married, but with Maica and Alfred, I’m so glad I was! This was the best day for Spring Wedding Portraits!

Thank you Maica and Alfred for being the best company!

spring wedding portraits with Kansas City wedding photographer in the gardens
newly married couple in spring wedding portraits after eloping in Kansas City
married woman wearing white wedding dress in park for spring wedding portraits
showing off new wedding bands to Kansas City wedding photographer
newly married couple under arch at the gardens of spring loose park in Kansas City
newly married couple in wedding attire sitting on steps in park in Kansas City
walking path in spring loose park in Kansas City with Kansas City wedding photographer
dancing in the park for spring wedding portraits after eloping
standing around tree for spring wedding portraits while holding hands
two piece dress from lulus on new bride for spring wedding portraits
standing on bridge overlooking pond in Kansas City park for spring wedding portraits
showing off new wedding bands on bridge overlooking pond in Kansas City park
kissing on cheeks near Kansas City pond for spring wedding portraits

Spring Wedding Portraits | Kansas City Wedding Photographer