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Moments after you say “YES” to forever and you come down from all the feels of that exhilarating moment… reality hits you! There is now an impending list of ‘to-dos’ that need to be checked off. After careful consideration, we task the things that we deem most important to least and move accordingly. Depending on who you ask, some might suggest that the cake isn’t high on the list of importance; but I beg to differ and that might be a slightly biased opinion. 

I’m Taylor Elizabeth, owner and lead designer of Taylor Elizabeth Cakes. I’ve been baking and designing cakes for eleven years and over that time I have learned a thing or two about helping couples bring their dream wedding cake to life. In my experience, I find that people can overlook or underestimate the possibilities that couples can create with their cakes. The possibilities are endless and the earlier you decide on the vibe or aesthetic that best fits you as a couple the better chances you have for the design to come to life!

Upcoming Trends

The wedding industry is constantly changing, trends never stop! In 2023 there are a few showstopper trends that couples are making their own and we are here for it! I always like to tell my couples when trying to figure out what their cake should look like, create something that reflects the both of you, your style. Never be afraid to be bold and unique in the ideas that you have. Communicate with your cake designer and give them as many details that you can represents what you are looking for. Then allow them to use that to bring your vision to life. The more information they have the better they can design a custom masterpiece for your special day that you and your guests will never forget.

With trends, come traditions and there’s one that is slowly declining, the groom’s cake, traditionally a southern custom. Recently, a few of my clients have been ordering a small after-party cake to share once they’ve made it back to their hotel. Book your photographer for an additional hour, or recruit a bridesmaid to snap some fun, chic pictures of you two enjoying the cake to commemorate the night.

The bride’s cake is traditionally cut at the reception for dessert. This is the cake that everyone will see. This year’s trends are making sure that it is one to remember. A few styles that I’m looking forward to this season are subtle yet bold. I think they will truly be around for the years to come! 


There is nothing quite as chic, elegant and beautiful as a tiered cake covered in pearls. Pearls are such a timeless and romantic staple that enhance any reception.


There is something so bold and understated about a MONOCHROME moment!

Whether you’re loving greens or pinks, creating a wedding cake that’s all one color is a decision you can’t go wrong with. It will stand out in the best way and be an absolute dream at any modern wedding.


Florals and weddings have always gone hand and hand; and your wedding cake is no different. I will say that florals may be my all-time favorite! There is nothing like adding some fresh flowers to accompany your cake. Ask your florist to create a beautiful wreath that your wedding cake can sit in. If you want to take it up a notch, a monochromatic cake will set it off perfectly!

These are just a few of the trends to make your special day unique and tailored to you and your partner. Always remember that this day and the memories are what’s important. At the end of it all do what ultimately is going to make YOU happy!


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Upcoming Wedding Cake Trends | Guest Blog – Taylor Elizabeth Cakes


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