Wedding Flower Trends for Fall 2023 | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Some wedding flower trends are timeless and some change with the seasons. Today I’m going to break down what wedding flower themes are trending for the Fall 23 wedding season!

Petite Bouquets

This theme isn’t specific to one color scheme and can be used a wide variety of ways! You can add greenery, or just stick to flowers. Whereas the industry still sees the long and cascading bouquets, there is something powerful about a small, elegant bouquet.

Colorful and Unique Combinations

Bouquets and arrangements full of color are very trendy right now! They add so much dimension and variety to your wedding day, which is great for photographs. It is also a great way to decide on your wedding party colors. If you have a variety of colors in your florals, you can coordinate your wedding party to match!

Large Statement Arrangements

Big beautiful centerpieces and ceremony backdrops are great focal points for your wedding day. Whether you stick to one color, a couple of colors, or a wide variety of colors, these large arrangements are making a STATEMENT this fall!

Carbon Conscious Choices

The carbon footprint weddings leave can be quite large. Some couples are opting to use living arrangements, such as potted plants, as florals at their wedding. This form of greenery can still be incredibly beautiful. When the wedding is over you can send some of the plants home with guests, or take them home and plant them in your yard as a lasting memory of your wedding day!

KC Florist Recommendations

These trends are seen across the US, but if you are in the Kansas City area I will list a few of my recommendations. These local florists can help your floral dreams come to life!!

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Wedding Flower Trends for Fall 2023 | Kansas City Wedding Photographer


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