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Makensie and Eddie’s wedding day was a true reflection of their love, inspired by the timeless and classic style of 90’s Nancy Meyer movies. Their vision came to life at Crooner’s Lounge, a contemporary bar, kitchen, and lounge in Southeast Kansas. From sweet moments shared between the couple to the romantic atmosphere of their venue, it was a truly unforgettable day.

Breakfast to Start the Day

The day truly felt real for Makensie when she and Eddie had breakfast together that morning before the festivities started. As they sat side by side, she wrapped herself around his arm, and they talked about the big day ahead of them! Wanting to be by her side a little longer, Eddie couldn’t resist following her into the bridal room. It was a sweet and heartfelt moment; one of Makensie’s favorite!

Crooner’s Lounge

The wedding day was romantic, peaceful, and unhurried! They intentionally created an atmosphere where they could savor each moment. Crooner’s Lounge proved to be the ideal venue for their 90’s classic and timeless vision. The hanging lights on the patio and inside the restaurant added a special touch. Makensie said sharing an intimate dinner with their closest friends and family in the cozy dining room made them feel like they were living in a movie! After dinner, they cut the cake and broke out the board games for some friendly competition. 

Special Moments

One of the couple’s favorite details of the day was their gift exchange. They both gifted each other new Bibles. It was a meaningful gesture that emphasized their desire to grow together as a couple.

When I asked Makensie what advice she had for future couples who were in the planning process she said, “Remind them to prioritize each other and the love they share throughout the planning process. It’s crucial to focus on what truly matters and not get lost in expectations or external pressures.”

The day was filled with romance, love, and cherished moments. I feel very fortunate to have been able to capture this timeless and classic 90’s inspired wedding – thank you Makensie and Eddie!



90’s Inspired Classic Wedding | Kansas City Wedding Photographer


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