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I met Kaela and Kyle at Deer Ridge Estate for their engagement session! They shared with me some heartfelt moments, cherished memories, and their dreams for a future filled with love and adventure. Love has a way of intertwining our lives in unexpected ways. Kaela and Kyle’s connection came in the form of Kaela’s sister marrying Kyle’s best friend!

Having been together for almost three years, Kaela and Kyle started dating in April 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kaela said one of her favorite date nights was one evening where Kyle set up a bed in the bed of his truck! They enjoyed their favorite dinner and wine, having great conversations under the stars. It was the perfect date night!

Kaela said it was the way Kyle treated her and their relationship with so much kindness and care that made her realize he was “the one.” He provides constant laughter, encouragement, and a shared journey of growth. He also showed her daughter the same kindness and care he showed her, which was incredibly important to her!

Their engagement story is so sweet. Kyle wanted to pop the question at Winter Skies. He hired a photographer to capture the moment with the intent to surprise Kaela. However, Kaela recognized the photographer from high school, inadvertently blowing her cover. Kyle decided to seize the moment and dropped to one knee right then and there, surprising Kaela in the most unexpected way. The joy and surprise on Kaela’s face were priceless!

Kaela and Kyle’s engagement session at Deer Ridge Estate was so much fun! I enjoyed talking with them about their love and shared dreams for the future while capturing some moments from this special time in their lives.



Deer Ridge Estate | Kansas City Engagement Photographer


and I'm as excited to read it as this bride is for her bottle of champagne! (hahaha)

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