Winter in Kansas City can be magical, especially for engagement sessions. I had the pleasure of capturing an elegant winter engagement session at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Kansas City. This iconic location, with its stunning architecture and urban elegance, provided a perfect backdrop for the couple’s special moments!

One of the significant perks of winter engagement sessions is the unique ambiance they offer. The Kauffman Center’s sleek, modern design contrasted beautifully with the soft, diffused winter light. The result was a series of photographs that were both dramatic and romantic. The winter season brings a serene and peaceful atmosphere that adds a touch of sophistication to any session.

The couple embraced the winter theme with their attire. The bride-to-be wore a chic, long, white, silk dress that flowed gracefully in the breeze. Her fiancé complemented her look with a classic black sweater and a dark pants, perfect for the crisp winter air.

Winter engagement sessions also come with the advantage of fewer crowds. The Kauffman Center, typically bustling with activity, was more tranquil, allowing us to explore various angles and locations without interruptions. This sense of intimacy made the session more personal and relaxed for the couple.

The couple’s session was not only about capturing beautiful images but also about enjoying the experience. The quieter, less hectic environment of a winter session allowed them to focus on each other, resulting in genuine, heartfelt moments. These candid interactions made the photos even more special.

In addition to the serene atmosphere and beautiful lighting, winter sessions at iconic locations like the Kauffman Center offer a unique perspective. The architectural marvels of the building, combined with the seasonal beauty, create a one-of-a-kind setting that stands out from traditional engagement photos! This elegant winter engagement session was no exception!

Elegant Winter Engagement Session | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Winter in Kansas City can be unpredictable and chilly. An indoor location like John’s Greenhouse provides a perfect setting for engagement sessions. I had the pleasure of capturing a greenhouse engagement session at John’s and despite the cold weather outside, the greenhouse was warm and inviting.

Indoor locations offer consistent lighting and controlled temperatures, ensuring comfort for everyone. John’s Greenhouse, with its lush greenery, and vibrant backdrop, made this couple’s engagement session feel like a tropical escape!

The couple chose outfits that perfectly complemented the greenhouse’s aesthetic. They opted for simple yet bold colors, which stood out beautifully against the greenery. The bride-to-be wore a stunning deep orange dress, adding a pop of color to the photos. The groom-to-be chose a classic cream colored shirt, offering a sharp contrast to the green foliage. The greenhouse’s natural light highlighted their features and the details of their clothing.

Using an indoor location like John’s Greenhouse has several benefits. It provides a unique and picturesque environment, perfect for capturing special moments. The controlled setting eliminates the stress of weather-related issues. The greenhouse’s lush plants and flowers create a vibrant, natural background for photos.

In winter, outdoor sessions can be challenging due to the cold and unpredictable weather. An indoor location ensures that the session can proceed without any weather-related interruptions. John’s Greenhouse offers a warm, comfortable space for couples to relax and enjoy their session!

Greenhouse Engagement Session | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

I had the opportunity to capture at fall engagement session on a gorgeous day at The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. It was the beginning of November, but the colors on the leaves were still out to play! We were not complaining. The weather was absolutely perfect and the colors added so much warmth and depth to the photographs. They also complimented Kristen and Chris’s outfits wonderfully!

There’s not much that’s better than a fall golden hour engagement session at The Nelson. Catching the sun as it peaks through the trees creates the dreamiest photographs. It is an easy way to romanticize the session!

The Nelson also offers a wide variety of locations to take pictures, which helps create the feeling of a multi-location session. But you only have to do a little walking, instead of taking a drive! As a location, it also offers a good variety of both earthy and industrial/modern backdrops. Multiple areas with trees, plants, and greenery compliment the beautiful structure.

If you are trying to decided where to go for an upcoming session, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is always a safe choice! Whether it’s a family session, an engagement session, or a senior session. The Nelson has plenty to offer!

Fall Engagement Session | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

Fifteen minutes Northwest of Kanas City is the quaint town of Parkville. Downtown Parkville is picturesque with it’s small, locally owned businesses, brick front buildings, and small-town feel. Parkville Coffee Shop is a great place to meet up with friends to catch up and grab a cup of coffee. It is also a great location for an engagement session!

I met Hannah and Jake in Downtown Parkville on a beautiful Spring day to capture their engagement session. We had a great time at Parkville Coffee, where I was able to capture them in a cozy environment that really individualized their photographs. I always recommend that the best way to make your session unique is to choose a location that is special to you and your spouse!

Once we were done at Parkville Coffee, we headed outside to capture some street side photographs around town. They brought their dog with them, which was such a special treat! I always love capturing couples with their four-legged, furry friends. We stopped at a few different locations around downtown to get a mixture of backgrounds for the photographs. Between some greenery, the brick fronts, and the coffee shop, I was able to capture a variety of different photographs!

If you are ever at a loss for where to have your engagement session, think about going somewhere special. If you can’t think of anything specific, consider Downtown Parkville!

Downtown Parkville | Kansas City Engagement Photographer

Jordan & Coleman had the prettiest modern engagement session in downtown Kansas City. They had two outfits planned that they put so much time and effort into creating, & they turned out stunning! Jordan is actually one of my best friends! She was very open with me about her ideas and I told her we could make anything she’s dreamed about come to life! Her style is obviously very modern, but she also wanted chic! I told her I knew the perfect places for us to have a bit of fun creating her vision!

We went downtown to the Kauffman first. The arts center has beautiful architecture and even spaces that make it feel like a big tech building! It was perfect for the beginning of their modern engagement session! She even brought our her veil that was decorated in pearls for some solo portraits of her! It was nice just spending the evening with the two of them because I really got to let some creativity show through!

We ended the evening on a nearby rooftop for their Modern engagement session. You guys know how much I love KC rooftops, so mixing their modern chic with old town Kansas City was the perfect blend!

Thanks so much for spending the evening with me Jordan & Coleman! It’s always the best time!

modern engagement session with couple wearing white outfits and high heels
Kansas City architecture during engagement session at sunset
couple wearing white during engagement session walking at arts center in Kansas City
couple all snuggled up during modern engagement session sitting on cement
couple showing off dress shoes sitting on steps of arts center in Kansas City
couple at sunset dancing during engagement session with girl wearing headpiece by Natalie nichole photo
intimate couple giving kisses to one another at arts center in Kansas City by Natalie Nichole Photos
bride wearing white dress with heals and long pearl veil by KC wedding photographer
engaged woman wearing vail during modern engagement session with Natalie Nichole Photos
outfit change during engagement session on rooftop in Kansas City
woman wearing white pant suit walking on rooftop with fiancé during modern engagement session
woman wearing white sunglasses and white pant suit with lace body suit in Kansas City
couple popping bottle of champagne during modern engagement session with fiancé in white dress shirt
woman chugging bottle of champagne with Kansas City engagement photographer

Modern Engagement Session | Kansas City Photographer

I had the best summer couples session with Madison & Jake last year! I’ve said this before, but I think parking garages are one of the most underrated session locations out there! Especially living in a big city!

You’re used to everything all shoved together and buildings being so close and tons and tons of people. Which don’t get me wrong can also be the best sessions! But if you need a bit of space…the top floor of a parking garage can usually give you that!

If you don’t have access to a park or are looking for city vibes with some space, let’s head to the closest garage and create some magic!

I had the sweetest afternoon with Madison and Jake! They are such good company to have and we laughed so much throughout this summer couples session! Madison wore a cute long sleeve flowy top with some blue jeans and a pair of nude heels! Jake also wore a pair of dark jeans with a short sleeve stripped shirt and some nike high tops!

Even with a small space to work with we were able to get a variety of shot for the two of them! This evening was so fun and it was a privilege shooting this session for Madison and Jake! Wish you two nothing but the best!

Summer Couples Session | Kansas Engagement Photographer

I met with Madisen and Jordan for a Shawnee Mission Park engagement session and a beautiful warm day! We were able to move around multiple locations and ended the shoot with a champagne bottle pop!

Oh did I mention the wild flower field!?!? Take a look for yourself – it’s GORGEOUS!

The wild flowers at Shawnee Mission Park make for such a fun photo spot, they love to bloom in late May and early June but they don’t last long!

Madisen wore a white mini dress and Jordan wore a white button up long sleeve with blue jeans. It was the perfect dressy-mixed-with-casual attire for them to be comfortable but still dress up for this fun shoot!

Engagement shoots where we get to adventure around so many different backdrops are so much fun!! During this shoot we had everything from covered locations to full sunset locations to a nice blue hour. And If you guys have read some of my recent blogs you’ll know I love Shawnee Mission Park engagement sessions!

Thank you Madisen and Jordan for spending the evening with me! You guys are a joy to be around and are so kind and thoughtful! I can’t wait for your amazing wedding day Spring 2022 we will definitely have a blast.

Newly engaged couple at Shawnee Mission Park engagement session
Newly engaged couple showing off engagement ring wearing white clothes
Newly engaged couple holding hands at Shawnee Mission Park engagement session with Kansas engagement photographer
Woman wearing engagement ring and fresh manicure during Shawnee Mission Park engagement session holding fiancé
Engaged couple wearing high heels and short white mini dress dancing in a wild flower field
Newly engaged couple kissing during Shawnee Mission Park engagement session
Newly engaged couple holding hands wearing white apparel with short nude heels and bluejeans
Newly engaged couple sitting in flower field at Shawnee Mission Park engagement shoot
Newly engaged couple with tattoos holding each other sitting in a wildflower field
Engaged man and woman in neutral colored clothing showing off engagement ring
Newly engaged couple during sunset at Shawnee Mission Park engagement session
Really engage cobble holding each other at sunset in Grassfield with Kansas engagement photographer
Engaged couple laughing while showing off engagement ring with Kansas engagement photographer
Couple at Shawnee Mission Park engagement session standing in wild flower field in Kansas
Blonde fiancé wearing white mini dress and new heels at Shawnee Mission Park engagement session
Engaged couple dancing in wildflower field in Kansas
Tattooed engaged couple sitting in wild flower field during Shawnee Mission Park engagement session
Tattooed engaged couple showing off engagement ring diamond and fresh manicure
Gage couple pops bottle of champagne at Park in Kansas
Engaged couple share champagne flutes after popping bottle during Shawnee Mission Park engagement session
Newly engaged couple clink glasses during engagement session after popping bottle of champagne

Shawnee Mission Park Engagement | Kansas Engagement Photographer

I met with Bailey & Chris at The Nelson Atkins Museum of arts for their engagement session! What a beautiful sunny night we had together! We used a variety of the museum’s grounds for each part of their session, which I love to do because it adds variety to their final gallery.

From the big green lawn, to the gorgeous columns, and the cute summer trees, the opportunities for great photos are endless.

Luckily, The Nelson Atkins museum has a large variety on their grounds to work with. Honestly, anywhere with Bailey & Chris would have worked though. They literally love each other so much and any place would have been able to highlight that.

They actually brought little mementos from their relationship. When they dated long distance they each drew the other one a heart and both kept it, which we used during their session! Chris also cross stitched that little embroidery piece for Bailey too!

It’s always such an honor getting to hear my couples love stories. Each relationship is different and it’s my job to capture the true nature of your connection authentically.

They are such sweet and kind people, and spending that evening with the two of them was so wonderful!

Thanks Bailey and Chris for picking me to shoot your engagement!!

Head to my contact page to set up your session today 🙂

The Nelson Atkins | Kansas City Photographer

I met with Kathleen & Thomas for their Antioch Park Engagement session last spring and it was so so fun!! If you guys have been keeping up with my past blogs you know how much I love this park! The different locations this one park has to offer is a huge highlight of spending the evening here!

\We went from the water fountain, to a beautiful flower field, to the pond crossing the park has built to walk across! I love giving my couples variety in your engagement gallery so you have lots of options to choose from when it comes to printing or sending invitations.

For the session, Kathleen wore a vintage dress! It was actually her moms that she wanted to incorporate into her engagement photos! I freakin’ love personal details like this so I was a fan. And I’d say it worked so well for her what do you guys think?! And her brown double strapped sandals topped off her whole look! I found a similar pair at target incase you were hoping to grab a pair for your engagement session too! Check them out here!

Kathleen and Thomas are the sweetest couple and we had the best time laughing together during their Antioch Park Engagement session!

woman wearing vintage dress during Antioch park engagement session
engaged couple have arms wrapped around one another standing in front of fountain
Antioch park engagement couple smiling at one another walking in front of fountain
engaged couple laughing with one another wearing a vintage dress and heals in front of fountain
Antioch park engagement couple shared intimate moment in flower field
engaged couple holding hands walking the path at Kansas City park
engaged couple standing in floral field forehead to forehead smiling at one another
Antioch park engagement couple standing on bridge wearing vintage dress and heals
Antioch park engagement couple during the spring with flowers bloomed smiling together
woman kisses fiancé while wrapping arms around him in front of Antioch park pond
engaged couple laughing together at pond wearing vintage dress with Kansas City photographer
man dips engaged fiance in front of pond at Kansas City park
engaged couple standing on boardwalk at Antioch park engagement session

Antioch Park Engagement | Kansas City Photographer

Katherine & Cody met with me on a Kansas City Rooftop for their engagement session! Most people wouldn’t think a rooftop could be an extravagant location for a shoot but I would consider it a hidden gem for big cities!

Katherine wore a beautiful blue and white dress with a statement pair of red heels! She rocked those heels and luckily I was able to find a similar pair sold at Macys! Check them out here!

We were able to get Katherine & Cody a good variety of shots despite working in a limited space! Truthfully, I think it was perfect because together they were really the main focus of every shot. They complimented each space we worked in!

I had so much fun during this Kansas City rooftop shoot! It’s so obvious going through these photos that Katherine & Cody have so much fun together and seeing how much they love one another first hand was so so amazing.

I love working with all my couples & being able to share their love stories feels like a dream. Stay up to date with new stories on my blog!

engaged couple standing on Kansas City rooftop with Kansas City photographer
engaged man kissing forehead of newly engaged woman
engaged couples walking in Kansas City rooftop wearing red heals
girl waves long dress on rooftop during engagement session with engaged fiancé
engaged couple holding hands while walking on Kansas City parking garage with engagement photographer
couple standing in front of Kansas City skyscraper on rooftop of parking garage
engaged couple happy holding one another showing off engagement ring
fiance twirls newly engaged woman on rooftop with Kansas City photographer
engaged couple laughing on Kansas City rooftop while wrapped in each others arms
man wearing a button up shirt and woman wearing long dress and red heals during engagement
couple being playful on rooftop with Kansas City photographer wearing engagement ring
engaged woman smiling while wrapped in fiancés arms on rooftop
couple smiling on Kansas City rooftop wearing red heals and a long white dress
couple sits on rooftop and shows off engagement ring with Kansas City photographer
engaged couples cuddles on rooftop with Kansas City photographer
engaged man gets a kiss on the cheek in Kansas City

Kansas City Rooftop | Kansas City Photographer