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If you want to know the secret to an organized wedding day; I’ll tell you! It’s Veil Events!

I worked with Veil Events on Jordan and Payton’s wedding and it was the best day! It required meticulous organization and coordination due to the use of multiple locations. Lindsay and her team were on top of it and everything flowed so smoothly. Many brides want help in the area of organization. I thought it would be a great idea to ask the Veil Events team to share their secret to an organized wedding day! I contacted the owner of Veil Events, Lindsay Kooser. She had Kaylie, the office manager, sit down and compile some advice for bride’s-to-be.

The Secret to Success

“A wedding planner’s secret to an organized wedding day is simple…Plan, Plan, Plan!! If you’re a Taylor Swift fan you have likely heard what I’m about to say. If you’re not, maybe this will change your mind! Taylor Swift has a lyric, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The strategy sets the scene for the tale.” As cliche as I sound quoting Taylor Swift, she is 100% right, especially when it comes to wedding day! 

Importance of Planning

When wedding day finally comes, brides often feel tired of planning and are ready for the day to happen so that the planning is over. They sometimes fail to realize all that planning needs to be done to ensure a seamless and smooth wedding day! If they hadn’t put all that hard work in, they might’ve received endless questions from vendors and the bridal party, missed items, or had things go wrong. As a coordinator, we are not only the fairy godmother of the wedding day to make the bride’s vision come to life. We also help guide the bride in everything needing to be done and give our expertise on decisions to be made.

Creating a Timeline

The most important thing we do is create a timeline to plan out every minute! That may sound scary, but timelines don’t have to be scary and controlling. Making a timeline is actually our best tool for an organized wedding day! We plan out the day from start to finish so that everything has a time and place and nothing gets missed. They make the day go flawlessly, alleviate so much stress, and not only benefit you but benefit your whole bridal party and vendors. We even schedule things you might not think of, like time for the family to arrive so they aren’t late for pictures, bridal party breaks so they can get off their feet, and time for the vendors to eat dinner. The coordinator relies heavily on the timeline to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. 

Take it from Taylor

You may be thinking that all I’ve been doing is telling you to get to work…but, what I’m really telling you is it will all be worth it in the end!! Just like Taylor said, you are setting the scene for the tale and this is your best tale yet to come!”

Kaylie Roger, Veil Events Office Manager

These tips to success can lead to wedding day bliss, which was definitely the case with Payton and Jordan. Their wedding was such a pleasure to capture. I’m so glad I had to opportunity to work with the Veil Events team! Congratulations to the happy couple! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your BIG day.

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The Secret to an Organized Wedding Day | Guest Blog – Veil Events


and I'm as excited to read it as this bride is for her bottle of champagne! (hahaha)

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