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We are back on the “What to Wear” topic and today’s focus is winter engagement sessions! I think people tend to stray away from scheduling sessions in the colder months because they don’t know how cold it will be outside and they think it may be dark and gloomy. I can’t control the weather and there will be some days that are cloudy and overcast, just as any other season of the year. But there are plenty of bright and beautiful days during the winter months that are great for capturing special moments! 

My suggestion to couples is to always do what feels like “them” and some people love the cold weather, bundling up, or have an indoor location in mind. I always recommend a neutral color pallet in the winter months – it lends itself well to the bare trees, light blue skies and any indoor location!

I can also get a variety of photos easily if the couple layers up! Layers help highlight the movement in photos and we can mix up the look by adding scarves and a hat halfway through the session.

If we happen to be blessed with snow, it keeps things bright and fun! I recommend wearing shoes that will keep your feet warm in the wet snow or doubling up on socks. 

Whatever season of the year, regardless of the weather, I will capture moments that feel like “you” so you can cherish the memories! If you ever have any questions about what to wear we can discuss different options. I’m an open book and want to help my clients get the most out of their sessions!

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What to Wear: Winter Engagement Session | Kansas City Engagement Photographer


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