What’s in my camera bag

A photographer’s camera bag is practically their life line. It holds our most important equipment, those go-tos that we seriously can’t live without. I’m currently packing all my good stuff in a g-raphy bag that I bought off amazon. I love it because it’s a backpack so it’s super easy to throw on my shoulders and keep moving around. It doesn’t look too big but it holds SO MUCH! 

Natalie Derks, Kansas City Photographer, what's in my camera bag
Natalie Derks, Kansas City Photographer, what’s in my camera bag.

Most important items

My number one thing that I always have is of course, my camera. I use a Canon 5D Mark IV, she’s my baby. She also looks huge because I like to keep a battery pack (holds two batteries instead of one) on my camera just to ensure I’ll have enough charge to last all day long. Then I have my trusty 24-105mm lens and my nifty-fifty lens (50mm). I also pack my Yongnuo YN560 III speedlite for all those tricky lighting situations and my newest addition to my toolkit my MagSphere which helps diffuse my flash to give me a wider more flattering light. My flash was going through a ton of batteries so I have officially made the switch to reusable batteries, I had a few other photog friends recommend the batteries sold at Ikea (I know I was shocked too, who would think ikea would be the place for batteries?) I carry two sets of 4 batteries with me and their little charger so I can always charge on the go. 

Another thing that never leaves my bag is my handy SD card holder, I bought it off amazon too and it holds up to 12 SD cards so I can always have a back up. The more SD cards I have, the more amazing photos I can take of my clients. The rest of the stuff in my bag is what I call the “fun stuff” I have a little bag of confetti incase a celebratory photo needs a little more sparkle, an extra white ribbon because you never know when you’ll need it. My absolute favorite things in my camera bag are my Mrs. Box, which is the cutest little light pink velvet ring box, and my Gem Pen which can clean up any stone in a ring to make sure it shines as bright as it can. 


The rest of the stuff in my bag is pretty basic, extra cards, my camera battery charger, business cards, and an incase of emergency granola bar (this may or may not be over a year old, but hey if it’s an emergency I’ll still eat it… just don’t tell my mom 😉 )

Natalie Derks, Kansas City Photographer, what's in my camera bag


My Bag

New Bag- Atlas Supply Co

My old bag

My Babies (Cameras)
5D Mark IV
My lenses




My Flash

Godox V860

Magmod -sphere + grid


SD Card Carrier

The Mrs. Box
The Gem Pen

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What’s in my camera bag


and I'm as excited to read it as this bride is for her bottle of champagne! (hahaha)

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